Under The Tree: The Willie Mays “Say Hey” Skateboard

Ok. This has to be a long lost relic from an alternative timeline and/or parallel universe. A place in time and space where instead of a baseball bat Willie Mays decided to pick up a skateboard. Imagine seeing Willie Mays at the skate park doing an Ollie, Hill bomb, and Benihana.

Union Surfer released The Willie Mays “Say Hey” Skateboard in the late 1950’s to early 1960’s. The “SF” logo pictured on his hat can date it no earlier than 1958 which is when the team relocated from New York to San Francisco.

Made of sturdy wood, this skateboard actually came in two different versions.

The most common version you will find has the graphics printed vertically, and measures 5″ x 23″.

A harder to find version has the graphics printed horizontally, and is a bit larger measuring 6.5″ x 28.75″.

Flashback Product of the Week: 1976 Donruss Skateboard Stickers & Bubble Gum


Here we have another neat little artistic set made by Donruss back in 1976.  Skateboard Stickers & Bubble Gum is a set that consists of 44-cards/stickers.  The artwork was done by comic-book artist Alex Niño who has worked with DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Warren Publishing, and Heavy Metal magazine in the past.  On browsing through the set you can see why Donruss would pick an artist like Niño.  It is filled with crazy skateboarding creatures.  The demand for these stickers isn’t all that good.  Full boxes with all their packs can sell for as little as $20.00.  Two years later in 1978 Donruss released another skateboarding product called All-Pro Skateboard.  This set contains artistic monsters as well as actual skateboarding photos.