Barnstormers vs. Skeeters – Bobbleheads, Tracy McGrady, & Alpacas

Baseball, bobbleheads, alpacas, and Tracy McGrady.  This sounds like the opening scene to The Hangover.  Oh no.  Its happened again!

The Lancaster Barnstormers are celebrating their 10th season this year.  On Saturday, May 31st, they were taking on the Sugar Land Skeeters.  The Barnstormers won 5-3.  Picked myself up a new 10th anniversary t-shirt, plus a lanyard.  I’m not scheduled to attend anymore minor league games until the end of August.  The State College Spikes are giving away a bobblehead of James Franklin on 8/28.  Then the Williamsport Crosscutters are having an Andrew McCutchen bobblehead night on 8/29.  Back-to-back bobblehead nights!

 photo IMG_2167a_zpsfd4ba02a.jpg

The first 1,000 fans through the gate received a bobblehead of J.P. McCaskey.  The Barnstormers are known for making bobbleheads of historic figures from Lancaster.

 photo IMG_2157a_zps8dc1415f.jpg

7x NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady retired from basketball last year, but signed a deal to pitch for the Sugar Land Skeeters.  He was in the house, but not scheduled to pitch.

 photo IMG_2161a_zps834fa52a.jpg

Anyone remember Phillies prospect Greg Golson?  I think I still have an autograph of his from ’04 Bowman Chrome.  He’s bounced around from a bunch of teams, and is currently playing for Lancaster.

 photo IMG_2160a_zps85b899a9.jpg

 photo IMG_2162a_zps5361cbe8.jpg

Koby Clemons.  Bet you can’t guess who his dad is?

 photo IMG_2153a_zps025af394.jpg

Delwyn Young.

 photo IMG_2147a_zpsa99740ab.jpg

For some crazy reason there were two alpacas outside the stadium.