Geno Smith’s ’52 Bowman Style Portrait Is Heading To The National

 photo 1040752_613925101964547_2117318429_o_zpsde1a39ba.jpg

Artist James Henry Smith just finished up this Geno Smith portrait that Topps will use for their ’52 Bowman style promo set which will be given away during the 34th National Sports Collectors Convention this year.  Other players in the set will include Mike TroutErnie BanksBryce HarperFrank Thomas, Tavon AustinEddie Lacy, and EJ Manuel.  Topps will give away 100 copies of each card every day of the NSCC to those who open (5) packs of a Topps or Bowman product at their booth.  Then they’ll wrap things up by giving away the original pieces of art that will be autographed by the players.

There you have it.  All eight portraits are complete and off to Topps for scanning and signing.  Then to Chicago!

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