2014 NFL Player of the Day Contest Coming Soon!

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I’m happy to announce that Sports Card Info has been asked by Panini America and the NFLPA to participate in the 2014 NFL Player of the Day promotion.  This marks the second year in a row for Sports Card Info to be involved.  In short, this means Sports Card Info gets to give away a ton of stuff.  Just check out the goodies I got to give away last year.  It was the longest running and most entered contest in Sports Card Info’s history.  Sports Card Info even won a runner-up prize for holding one of the better contests.

I’m expecting a prize pack to arrive soon jammed with all sorts of stuff.  Be on the lookout for this contest.  This is one you won’t want to miss.  It’s easily the biggest one of the year.

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Phillies “Dream Team” Painting Possibly Coming Soon To Fans

Upstairs at Citizens Bank Park hanging in the Phillies Diamond Club is one of the greatest pieces of Phillies artwork ever created.  The Phillies “Dream Team” piece was created by Jamie Cooper and features various Philadelphia Phillies from different eras.  It even has Harry Kalas interviewing Richie Ashburn to the right.  I wrote a post about this piece of work last January, and recently I was contacted by Mr. Cooper who wanted to know my thoughts about making prints of the piece available to collectors.  As of right now, only extremely high-end copies are available to collectors and can cost into the thousands.  Cooper would like to offer collectors a chance to own a copy of this print, but at a more economical cost.

What he is thinking about is creating a 45 x 18 inch print on 250 gsm art stock.  The price would probably be around $125.00 plus shipping & handing.  Right now this isn’t definite, but he asked if I would help spread the word informing Phillies fans that this could be something available.  In my opinion, its the greatest piece of Phillies artwork ever created.  It just looks so cool!!

Please let me know what you think of this idea.  Jamie is looking for some feedback to see if its worth going through with.  He has had a lot of requests to make the painting more affordable.

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This is a mock-up of what the print could look like.  The names of the players and the story of the painting would come on an attached COA.  If anyone is interested in purchasing a print, please contact Jamie Cooper at: jamie@jcap.com.au