Card of the Day: 1957 Topps Space – Moon Landing #31

Space Jam: A New Legacy – Trailer 2

Space Jam: A New Legacy – Trailer 1

“Pin-Up” of the Week: Space Jam Tune Squad Large Team Warner Bros. Limited Edition Pin

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Earlier this week, the interwebs was abuzz after a movie poster surfaced featuring Bugs Bunny and LeBron James hinting at a possible sequel to the 1996 film Space Jam.  Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but it was all a hoax.  Warner Bros. doesn’t have any plans right now to make a sequel.  Although LeBron James has indicated that he’d be up for it.

Warner Bros. released this limited edition large pin that shows the members of the Tune Squad, including Michael Jordan.  Space Jam merchandise doesn’t really sell for all that much given the fact Warner Bros. would slap that logo on anything in an attempt to promote the movie.  This pin is worth about $13.00.

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Flashback Product of the Week: 1996 Upper Deck Space Jam

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Space Jam is one of those classics movies from the 90’s.  Aliens come to Earth looking to make the Loony Tunes their newest attraction to their failing amusement park.  The Loony Tunes challenge the aliens to a basketball game and if the Tunes win they’ll be safe.  Since the aliens are so small the Loony Tunes think they’ve made an easy bet, but when the aliens steal the talent of some of the NBA’s greatest players they get quite large and become a major opponent.  In order to beef up their team with talent, the Loony Tunes recruit Michael Jordan to play for them.  Its a great kids movie that did very well at the box office.

Space Jam had a whole line of toys and stuff to go along with the movie.  Merchandising is everything when it comes to movies like this.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that Upper Deck made a product based on the movie.  Boxes contained 36 packs and the chase cards were the lenticular “animotion” inserts.  These cards are more of a novelty than anything else.  They carry very little value while sealed hobby boxes can be found for $10.00 or less.  I’m sure they were popular around the time the movie was released, but that time has long passed.

Of all the Michael Jordan retirement stories, this one is probably the most entertaining.  Too bad its fictional.  Did you know the original Space Jam website from 1996 is still up and running?  Talk about a blast from the past.