Rediscovered A Gehrig Promo

For those hardcore Lou Gehrig collectors, here is a card that you may not have.  This is a promotional giveaway I received during The National last year in Cleveland.  Graig Kreindler is an artist and this card features a copy of  the “Gehrig’s Farewell” painting that he did.  It is slightly bigger than your standard card, but still fits into a top loader.  I found it the other day and forgot I had it.  Its definitely one of the most interesting promos I picked up.  I don’t think there is another card out there that better commemorates this event in baseball history.


Chase Utley Is The Man

I could write tons of posts about the Phillies 2008 World Series Championship season, but I think Chase Utley says it the best.

Utley is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh the fun you can have with live television.  Go Phillies!!!!!!