Racing Rookies Can Be Mind-Blowing


Next month Press Pass plans to release 2012 Total Memorabilia which I have referred to as FanFare on steroids.  In it, collectors will find Danica Patrick’s Sprint Cup Series rookie card.  That’s correct, Danica is getting another line of rookie cards since this is the first year she will be in the Sprint Cup Series.

When I think of her rookies, the first thing that comes to mind are some of the Rittenhouse cards released well before Press Pass got their hands on her stuff.  2006 Allen & Ginter contains some popular rookies of her too.  In 2010, she decided to take on NASCAR which is when Press Pass jumped all over her.  Now in 2012 we are getting a new set of rookies all over again.  She isn’t the first driver for this to happen to either.  Its happened to many others that have gone down the same path.

As these updated rookies keep coming out, they get watered down more and more.  Nothing ever beats someone’s first licensed cards.  You can especially see this when your dealing with baseball cards.

Watch out collectors, if she sneezes you might get another line of rookies.