Card of the Day: Andy Katzenmoyer 1999 Playoff Prestige Rookie SSD #184

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Ironic Error – NFL’s Top News All On One Card


You have to admit this error is pretty ironic.  Peyton Manning and Randy Moss were two of the biggest rookies in the 1998 Draft Class.  I have to believe that this error was made on purpose, just to bring attention to the brand.  What are the odds that this would be an accident?  Of all the rookies, it had to happen to these two.  I would think differently if it were two no name rookies, but that’s just not the case.  With Peyton Manning shopping around for a new team, and Randy Moss just signing with the 49ers, it makes perfect sense for this card to surface.  This error recently sold for $156.00.

I remember when 1998 Absolute SSD was released.  These cards with the see-through inset were quite popular.  This wasn’t the first time cards had a see-through element to them, but when compared to all the others I enjoy these the most.  They remind me of a very early version of the Shadow Box card.  They are very condition sensitive and can easily be damaged.  Its not uncommon to find them with chipped edges.

Card of the Day: Peyton Manning ’98 Absolute SSD #165

Despite looking like a high-end card, this is one of Manning’s most affordable rookies.  You can easily find these for under $20.00.


Flashback Product of the Week: 1998 Playoff Absolute SSD

Wow!  Anyone remember these cards?  1998 Playoff Absolute SSD football cards looked really cool.  Every card in the base set had a window in it that featured a picture of the player that you could see through.  Packs of 1998 SSD were very thick and only contained a few cards.  Some of the key cards in the set would be the Randy Moss RC and Hines Ward RC.  This product didn’t stick around too long either.  Playoff came out with another version in 1999 where almost the entire card looked like a window with the player’s image on it.  All of the SSD cards are extremely condition sensitive because of the foil borders.  I think the design was great but the set should have had more key rookies from that year.  You sure don’t see cards made like this anymore.


Card of the Day: Kurt Warner 1999 Contenders SSD RC Auto