Can’t See That eBay Photo?

People stealing photos on eBay for their own auctions is down right low.  It happened to me a few months ago when I was selling a bobblehead figure.  If you find a card for sale and you are thinking of buying it because they provide a photo, make sure to look at the picture carefully.  If the photo is really small there is a good chance that they stole it.  I know there are some scanners that people use and the images come out small, but when I mean small, I mean really small.  If people steal a photo from eBay and then upload on the auction form, eBay shrinks the photo.  Thats why the photos you take on your own end up being smaller on the standard auction page.  If some uses a stolen photo, eBay will shrink an already shrunken photo.  Thats why when you look at the auction page, the end result is really tiny.  Be sure to check the completed auctions before bidding an a card.  There you can compare photos to see if the picture you are looking at was used before.

I have become a victim

After finishing 8hrs of doing Managerial Economics, I thought I would work with a few eBay payments I received in the mail and check my auctions.  Going through the mail I see I got paid for one of my “Boomer” Bobbleheads I received at the Williamsport Crosscutters game a few weeks ago.  Just out of pure curiosity I thought I would see if anyone else was selling the same bobblehead.  Checking the completed auctions I see a seller who stole my photo and used it for their own auction.  Here is their auction:

“Boomer” Bobblehead

Here is my auction:

“Boomer” Bobblehead

Its the same exact picture.  Plus, the smaller photo usually means that the original photo was small as well, perhaps the size of a photo from eBay.