Card of the Day: Cody Asche 2013 Bowman Chrome Superfractor

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Card of the Day: Andrew Luck 2012 Topps Chrome RC Superfractor Auto

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Card of the Day: Michael Wacha 2012 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks Superfractor Auto

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Card of the Day: Shane Victorino 2013 Topps Chrome Superfractor

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Card of the Day: Lamar Miller 2012 Topps Finest RC Superfractor Auto

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Card of the Day: Chris Davis 2006 Bowman Chrome Superfractor

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What Would You “Superfractor”?

The Superfractor.  It is the pinnacle of all chrome/prospect based products.  Started by Topps in 2005, these cards can demand extremely high prices, and many of the players haven’t stepped one foot onto a major league field.  Superfractors usually receive a lot of attention, but this year in particular they are feeling the heat from collectors.  I find it interesting that people will spend many thousands on a Superfractor of a prospect just because the card is serial numbered 1/1.

After watching the Stephen Strasburg 2010 Bowman Superfractor sell for over $16,000, it got me thinking.  Superfractors have only been around for 5 years.  I wonder what other Chrome cards that came before 2005 would be worth if they had a Superfractor?  Can you imagine what an Albert Pujols 2001 Bowman Chrome Autographed Superfractor would be worth?  It would be insane!

If you could “Superfractor” any card prior to 2005, what would it be?


The Agony of Defeat

Last night before turning off the computer, I placed a bid on a Tony Sparano 2008 Bowman Chrome Superfractor #’ed 1/1.  My maximum bid was $22.00 and the price of the auction was at $12.50 when I left the auction.  This morning I was hoping to see that I won, but instead found out I got outbid by $0.01.  The card ended up selling for $22.01.  That would have been my very first Superfractor.  Maybe an autograph of his will popup for sale soon.  Have you ever lost an auction that you really wanted to win?