Susquehanna Valley Mall Card Show – 5/20/23

The Susquehanna Valley Mall located in Selinsgrove, PA hosted another card show this weekend.

With the Easter Bunny now gone the show was back to it’s normal location right in between an Auntie Anne’s and Gertrude Hawk Chocolates.

I’ve become a regular attendee of this show. It has 40+ dealers with lots of Phillies, Penn State, Eagles, and Steelers stuff.

A dealer who specializes in selling sports plaques mentioned that it was his first time setting up at this particular show. Usually he sticks to the Harrisburg area and shows held at the Capital City Mall. I was surprised to hear how well a simple decorative plaque with a photo and a couple of cards can sell. He said that he sold hundreds of plaques at a show in Harrisburg not too long ago. Decorative sports plaques typically aren’t my thing, but I guess some people are in to them. I noticed his booth had some shoppers when I left.

Most of the dealers I saw were selling singles. Some had sealed boxes. I’m staying away from purchasing hobby boxes right now. The prices are just too high. I prefer picking up singles and blaster boxes. Much more affordable.

I ate a cup of cinnamon pretzel bites from Auntie Anne’s for lunch.

I was able to find a few new items for my collection. Take a look!

Bryce Harper 2023 Topps Series 1 Super Box Pin
Bryce Harper 2023 Topps Big League 8 BIT Ballers #14 – A freebie from the dealer when I bought the pin.
Scott Rolen 1997 Donruss Signature Series Auto
Alec Bohm 2023 Topps Series 1 Baseball Stars Auto

Susquehanna Valley Mall Card Show – 4/8/23

Another card show was held at the Susquehanna Valley Mall this past weekend. Thanks to the Easter Bunny the show was moved to another section of the mall. Those mythical fuzzy creatures always get the top spots.

I like to get there as early as possible so things don’t get picked over. It was quite crowded once again which I’m happy to see. A good mix of vintage and modern cards were available. Some dealers had sealed wax, but singles were much more dominant.

While browsing the dealer booths I came across a few big items that stuck out to me.

The first is a Bob Feller 1954 Bowman #132 graded by BVG an 8.5. The asking price is $3,000.

The second is a Muhammad Ali autographed ticket stub certified by PSA/DNA. The ticket stub is from a Williamsport, PA boxing club fight Ali attended in 1973. Ali was there scouting another boxer to potentially fight. The asking price is $725.

After making it around to all of the tables it was time for a cup of cinnamon pretzels from Auntie Anne’s.

I made one purchase, and it was a big one for my Phillies collection. I bought a Mike Schmidt 2001 Donruss Classics Legend Significant Signatures Auto. Cards #101-150 in this set come with sticker autographs. Cards #151-200 are signed on-card. Mike Schmidt is #172, and the on-card signature looks great. Although there is a spot on the back where it looks like a serial number should be, these cards are not serial numbered.

The next card show held at the Susquehanna Valley Mall is on Saturday, May 20, 2023.

Susquehanna Valley Mall Card Show – 2/18/23

Never underestimate the value of a good old fashion mall card show.

Over the weekend I attended a card show held at the Susquehanna Valley Mall. It took place right in between an Auntie Anne’s and Gertrude Hawk Chocolates. Not a bad location.

The show was very well attended. There seemed to be more dealers setup at this show compared to the last one I attended here back in September. Large crowd too. It was quite common to have to wait for people to move in order to view a dealer’s table.

A few dealers had sealed boxes for sale. Very expensive though. I’d say a majority of them were selling singles. Lots of Phillies, Eagles, Steelers, and Penn State cards.

When purchasing the Scott Rolen 2022 Topps Stadium Club Auto the dealer showed me a mini batting helmet that he got Scott Rolen to sign. Turns out he got it signed in 1998 at the PA Farm Show Complex & Expo Center in Harrisburg. I remember attending that exact show when I was in middle school. Talk about a small world.

I spent about two hours browsing all of the tables. Left with three new cards for my collection, and a belly full of cinnamon pretzel bites.

Greg Luzinski 2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary Auto
Scott Rolen 2022 Topps Stadium Club Auto
Sean Clifford 2021 Pro Set Power Football Platinum Auto #’ed/99

Susquehanna Bank 2012 Little League World Series Pins

The 2012 Little League World Series is officially underway in South Williamsport.  Baseball fans from all over the world have come to enjoy America’s greatest game.  Collectible pins have already started to surface.  Many more will soon be on their way.  Luckily for me, I got my hands on a couple promo pins sponsored by Susquehanna Bank.  I haven’t seen these two surface yet, but it probably won’t be long until more pin collectors get their hands on them.  These are way better than the ones they made last year.  Businesses all around the Williamsport area make LLWS pins.  Sometimes they advertise that they have them, and other times they don’t.  Just ask around.



Super Bowl XLVI Champ Henry Hynoski Signing


This afternoon New York Giants fullback Henry Hynoski was signing autographs at the Susquehanna Valley Mall.  The event was sponsored by the Susquehanna Valley Mall and ESPN 92.3FM.  Hynoski played for Southern Columbia High School, then went on to play for the University of Pittsburgh.  He recently won Super Bowl XLVI with the Giants.  Everyone could get (3) items signed free of charge.  The place was totally packed.  The line started outside of Bon-Ton and by the time I left the line was all the way back to Sears.  That’s a long line.  Luckily I got there early enough and didn’t have to wait too long.  They were also handing out miniature ESPN footballs and Pepsi products.  Hynoski was signing right outside of Schuylkill Valley Sports.  They were selling tons of Giants items you could get signed.  How convenient? 🙂

Henry Hynoski is one of those rookies from last year that doesn’t have a ton of cards.  As of right now, you can only find his cards in Plates & Patches and Playoff Contenders.  His Plates & Patches cards seem to be a lot more popular than the Playoff Contenders.

During Super Bowl XLVI Hynoski caught 2 passes for 19 yards, and recovered an Hakeem Nicks fumble in the third quarter.



Henry Hynoski Coming To The Susquehanna Valley Mall

On Saturday March 3, 2012 Giants fullback Henry Hynoski will be holding an autograph signing at the Susquehanna Valley Mall from 12:00pm – 2:00pm.  No word yet on what the costs will be.  Hynoski graduated from Southern Columbia, went on to play with the Pittsburgh Panthers, and recently won Super Bowl XLVI with the New York Giants.

The cost is free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Free autographs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lunch With Former Penn State Running Back Mike Guman

This afternoon I had lunch with former Penn State running back, and LA Rams fullback Mike Guman.  Guman was the guest speaker at this week’s meeting of the Selinsgrove Rotary Club, which was held at the Susquehanna Valley Country Club.


Mike Guman is most notably remembered for playing in the 1979 Sugar Bowl.  Penn State was playing Alabama.  You had two of the greatest football coaches in history going against each other – Joe Paterno and Bear Bryant.  Alabama was winning 14-7, and Penn State just needed to get over the goal line to score.  On Penn State’s last attempt Paterno decided to give the ball to Guman.  Unfortunately when Guman jumped the pile he was met by Alabama linebacker Barry Krauss and didn’t make it in.  Penn State needed to score a touchdown and only having to go such a short distance and not making it is one of those gut wrenching plays.  As the story goes, Krauss hit Guman so hard the rivets in his helmet came loose.  In 2002, ESPN ranked the 1979 Sugar Bowl as the Greatest Bowl Game Ever, and ranked the final play of that game as #6 on their list of 100 Moments That Define College Football.

Mike Guman is an excellent speaker.  He talked about life on and off the field.  He also provided us with his perspective on all the recent events that have taken place at Penn State.  Guman held back tears when talking about Paterno, and wishes the whole situation would have been dealt with better.  He got to sit down and talk to Paterno for about 30 minutes after these events unfolded.  Guman doesn’t like how Paterno has been vilified.  He wishes they would have let him retire at the end of the season.  Paterno said to him this was going to be his last year anyway.  Right now Mike Guman is Vice-President of Oppenheimer Funds.

I took my black and gold Penn State football with me and got him to sign it once the lunch was over.  Usually I get my photo with the athlete whenever I get an autograph, but this was not an official autograph signing, so I didn’t take the camera.


As far as cards go, he doesn’t have that many.  Eleven to be exact.  His rookie can be found in 1981 Topps card #322.  I bet there would be a lot of college football collectors interested in seeing some modern day cards made of Guman.  Perhaps a Guman/Krauss autograph?

For lunch I had meat loaf, mashed-potatoes, corn, and a roll.


Photos: Eagles Autograph Signing With LeSean McCoy

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy was at the Susquehanna Valley Mall this afternoon from 2:30pm until 4:00pm signing autographs for fans.  The signing was put on by C.C. Collectibles.  The signing had a very nice turnout.  Lots of fans came out to see him.

Near the center of the mall they had a small card show too.  I was looking for a box of 2011 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball but didn’t see any.  Instead I picked-up a couple of 2011 Topps Marquee Baseball packs I will be busting a little later.




LeSean McCoy SV Mall Signing This Weekend – 10/22/11

Collectors traveling through Central Pennsylvania this weekend might want to stop at the Susquehanna Valley Mall this Saturday – 10/22/11.  From 2:30pm to 4:00pm, Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy will be signing autographs.  Click here to learn how you can obtain your autograph ticket.  Any item is $30.00.  If you purchase your ticket online, you can show them the PayPal receipt once you arrive.  You could also purchase a ticket at the show too.  They shipped me my ticket since I bought it so early.  I’m actually ticket #001.  Looks like I’m first!  See you there.