This Is NOT A Lynn Swann Rookie Card

Autograph collectors know all about Lynn Swann.  This Pittsburgh Steelers great, and Pro Football Hall of Famer isn’t the easiest person to obtain an autograph from.  If you’re lucky enough to attend a signing where he’s scheduled to appear, its going to cost you quite a bit.  Anywhere between $200-$300 to be exact.  There’s also a good chance that whatever you plan to get signed has to adhere to his regulations.  For example, Lynn Swann is scheduled to sign autographs at the next Chantilly Show.  He will only do HOF or SB MVP inscriptions.  He won’t sign personalizations or take photo op’s.  Trading cards, Goal Line Art cards, unlicensed jerseys, and signing directly on the jersey number are out of the question.  Its probably easier to list what he will sign versus won’t.  You need a Ph.D. to get his autograph.  I know some other athletes can be like this, but Lynn Swann is one of the worst.

Cards of Lynn Swann are scarce too depending on what you’re looking for.  His autograph isn’t the only thing he’s protective of.  The official Lynn Swann rookie can be found in the 1975 Topps Football set.  Its card #282.  That’s not his only card in the set though.  A 9-card Highlights subset exists.  #459 is of Lynn Swann.  Don’t let anyone convince you that his Highlights card is also a rookie.  It certainly isn’t recognized as one, and doesn’t carry anywhere near as much value.  I see many people attempting to pass this card off as his true rookie.  That simply isn’t the case.

Card of the Day: Lynn Swann 1976 Topps #140

 photo swann1976topps_zpsssxaemho.jpg

Card of the Day: Lynn Swann 2003 UD Sweet Spot Auto

Lynn Swann is one of the most difficult football players to obtain an autograph of.  He rarely makes show appearances, and when he does you have to follow a long list of directions and pay out the rear.  I’d hate to see what Donruss and Upper Deck had to pay Swann for sitting down to sign a few cards.  One of his most popular autographs comes from 2003 Sweet Spot and usually sells for $100.00-$200.00.  His most recent autograph can be found in Razor’s National Cut Signature Edition.  Nobody knows why Swann is so fussy about his signature, but its been like that for years.


Card of the Day: Lynn Swann 1975 Topps RC #282