Get Your 2018 NSCC T-Shirts Now

Thousands if not millions of packs will be ripped open during the 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention that takes place 8/1-8/5 in Cleveland.  Will you be wearing the right attire when that pull of a lifetime comes along?  I’m happy to announce (4) new t-shirts that commemorate the National this year.  They’ve got one for baseball, football, basketball, and hockey.  According to the National, these will only be sold online.  As of this writing, using discount code “CLEVELAND” at checkout will get you $5.00 off your order.

I’ve already got my order in!!!

Sports Card Info T-Shirts!

One of the cooler Christmas gifts I got are a few new custom made t-shirts with “Sports Card Info” on them.  They match my pins.  Its a $10 billion brand, and the greatest thing to happen in the last 500 years 🙂