Card of the Day: Bean Stringfellow 1987 TCMA Richmond Braves #7

How To Spot A Fake Roger Clemens 1984 TCMA Pawtucket Red Sox #22 Card

Despite all of the negative press, Roger Clemens is one of those guys collectors still go after.  Its going to be awhile before we see him inducted into Cooperstown though.  One of his most popular cards is the 1984 TCMA Pawtucket Red Sox #22 minor league card.  To many Clemens collectors, this is the big card to own along with the 1984 Fleer Update rookie.  Be careful, because there is a fair share of counterfeits for sale.

Here is an example of a counterfeit version:

Look at the right side of the letter “A” and the left side of the letter “W” in the word “PAWTUCKET”.  The green space in between almost forms a “V” shape.  That is the dead giveaway its a counterfeit.  The space should be a straight green bar with those two sides parallel to one another.

Here is an example of an authentic card:

As you can see, the green bar is perfectly straight and the right side of the letter “A” and the left side of the letter “W” are parallel.

Card of the Day: Jim Moore 1985 TCMA Ft. Myers Royals #25

Card of the Day: Chubby Cox 1980-81 TCMA CBA #1

Card of the Day: Rickey Henderson 1979 TCMA Ogden A’s #9

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Card of the Day: Tony Gwynn 1982 TCMA Hawaii Islanders #10

 photo gwynntcma_zpse3901b6c.jpg

Card of the Day: Wade Boggs 1981 TCMA Pawtucket Red Sox #15

 photo boggs81tcma_zpsfec0eb84.jpg

Card of the Day: Ryne Sandberg 1980 TCMA Reading Phillies #22

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Japanese Charlie

Charlie Manuel may not have been that popular of a player, but he is one heck of a manager.  When it comes to cards, Manuel doesn’t have that many.  He has a lot of base cards in products like Allen & Ginter and your basic Topps.  Manuel only has one certified autograph from 2001 Topps Base Hit Autographed Relics which rarely pop-up for sale.  Cards from the 70’s and 80’s barely sell for much, except for his 1970 Topps rookie depending on the condition.  One of my favorite vintage cards of Manuel comes from 1979 TCMA featuring him in his Kintetsu Buffaloes uniform.  For 5-6 years he played baseball over in Japan and this is one of the few cards to feature him in a Japanese uniform.  Recently this card sold for $15.00, which is more than usual for a vintage Manuel card.


Baseball Rookie of a Football Hall of Famer

I bet the title of this post sounds a little confusing.  Below is a picture of the John Elway 1982 Oneonta Yankees TCMA #13 minor league card.  It came out 2 years before his football rookie.  A lot of athletes have tried playing baseball and football: Bo Jackson, Deon Sanders, and even Jim Thorpe.  I beleive that Elway even has an autographed card in his Yankees uniform inserted into one of the Topps Fan Favorites sets.  There are a lot of popular minor league rookie cards, but this has to be near the top of the list.  These can be very expensive, especially if they are graded high.  Just like a lot of popular minor league cards, the Elway can be a target for many counterfeiters.  I highly suggest purchasing one that has been certified.  Minor league cards are subject to being forged because those card manufacturers lack the money Topps, Upper Deck, and Donruss/Playoff earn that can be used for security.