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Card of the Day: Barry Bonds 2002 Topps Ten Auto

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Ten Years After Y2K

Ten years ago at this time I guess people realized the world wasn’t going to come to an end.  People made too much of a big deal out of Y2K.  In 1999 there were companies left and right trying to make a buck off the year 2000.  Card manufacturers even had products featuring the Y2K craze.  Below are my two favorite Y2K cards which were made well after 2000.  I wonder if they have any plans for 2012?


Most collectors should be familiar with Upper Deck’s 20th Anniversary set which features many events in history over the past 20 years.


This is the best picture I could find of this card.  It features the Griffin family in their Y2K bunker.  Inkworks created this set back in 2006.