5 Historic Thanksgiving Day Trading Cards

Happy Thanksgiving! Time to fill your bellies with food while surrounded by friends and family.

The Thanksgiving holiday is no stranger to trading cards. Tons of cards are dedicated to turkey day.

Here are my five favorite Thanksgiving-themed cards for 2021. Hope you have a nice holiday.

1890 N80 W. Duke Sons & Co. Thanksgiving Day – U.S. Holidays

Beavis and Butt-Head 1994 Fleer Ultra – Spanking The Turkey #6919

Richard Sherman 2015 Topps Chrome SP Photo Variation SuperFractor #’ed 1/1

1992 Tabb Investments/Prestige Derrick “DJ” Johnson Turkey Bowling Prototype #’ed/35,000

1954 Topps Scoop Pilgrims Land At Plymouth #104

“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2003 ESPN Zone Thanksgiving Pin


Disneyland released this pin in November, 2003.  They only made 500 of them, which isn’t a lot when it comes to pins.  As you can see it features a football shaped turkey traveling at mach 2.  They sell for $15.00.

For all you Disney pin collectors in general, be sure to check out the official Disney pin website.  It contains an extremely comprehensive database.  Their blog is great too.

Cards You Can Be “Thankful” For

The Hobby is filled with a ton of strange and unusually cards you normally wouldn’t expect to find in a pack.  With so many products based around historical figures and events, it shouldn’t surprise you that Thanksgiving has found its way into people’s collections.  Upper Deck and Panini (Donruss at the time) steal the show when it comes to Thanksgiving themed trading cards.  Most of them aren’t worth very much, but to player/set collectors they could possible fill that hole which has been in their collection for years.


From 2006 to 2008, Donruss printed base cards of their popular football products containing their Thanksgiving logo slapped on the front.  There were a few ways you could obtain these.  In 2006, Beckett inserted some of them into issues of Beckett Football Card Monthly.  You could also get team sets if you attended the football game that was playing that Thanksgiving Day.  Finally, Donruss inserted some of them in packs of their football cards that year.  From 2007 to 2008 you could get them at the stadium on Thanksgiving Day or pull them from packs.  Some of these cards contain rookies of popular (at the time they were popular) players such as Reggie Bush, Marshawn Lynch, and Jamarcus Russell.


This year’s Upper Deck A Piece of History probably contains Thanksgiving’s two best cards in existence.  The one above features the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth and the one below could basically be considered Thanksgiving Day’s rookie card.  Scholars have debated for years when and where Thanksgiving originally started, but most have agreed upon the year 1621 at the Plymouth Plantation.  Its a topic that could be discussed by historians way into the night much like the topic of when and where someone picked up a stick and said lets play baseball.  I’m sure if pieces of the Mayflower were available for sale, Upper Deck would be all over them to insert into the next version of A Piece of History.


Card of the Day: George Stone 1911 Turkey Red #119