Happy 3rd Birthday To Sports Card Info

Three years ago today I started Sports Card Info.  The first day it was operational it received only 71 visitors.  Now it averages 400-600 visitors per day.  Soon it will reach the 300,000 total visitors mark.  I’m so happy to see how it has grown.  It wouldn’t be anything without my loyal readers that check out the site daily.  I look forward to another year of memorabilia news and contests.  Thanks to everyone that continues to read Sports Card Info.  Also thanks to TRISTAR, Press Pass, Panini, and D & A Card World.


FCB Adds Third Autograph Guest For The 2010 National

Baltimore Orioles prospect Josh Bell will be the third autograph signer at the FCB booth during this year’s National.  Tazawa will also have the same design as Bell.


Here is the final card set collectors can look for.  Bell, Tazawa, and Hayhurst will also be included since they are the autograph guests.


Rolen’s On The Radar

I know it is fairly early into the baseball season, but one player that I did not expect to standout a lot would be Scott Rolen.  As of right now, Rolen is batting .289, with 13 HR and 37 RBI’s.  He has finally taken a leadership role with a team, something that he never really felt like he could do before.  In 1997 he was the NL Rookie of the Year and in 2006 won the World Series with the Cardinals.  If he keeps going at the pace he is at now, its very possible that he could have one hell of a season.

Back in 1997 I attended my very first card show in Lebanon, PA.  Scott Rolen was just a rookie and was signing autographs that day.  When I first arrived, the line was extremely long but I was able to jump to the front after one of the people running it grabbed me while Rolen was walking in.  I got him to sign a baseball before he even sat down.

Unlike a lot of newer players, Rolen only has two rookies…….. technically.  ’95 Bowman and ’95 Bowman’s Best is where you’ll find his rookies.  He does have a Gold Parallel in Bowman and a Refractor in Bowman’s Best, but certain publications don’t consider them true rookies.  I always like to see veteran players who have cooled off for a few years start to get hot again.


They can’t make a fake Iron Man card. Or can they?

Cal Ripken, Jr is one of the best to ever play the game.  He has some of the most collectible cards on the market.  Some of his most valuable Ripken cards don’t even feature him in the classic O’s uniform.  Many collectors are after his minor league cards.  Ripken’s 1981 WTF Rochester Red Wings card was produced by a college student to help pay for school.  Only 1,800 sets were produced not including the 50 uncut sheets.  Another favorite of collectors is his 1980 WBTV Charlotte minor league card.  These two sets of cards could be purchased back in the 80’s for only a couple of bucks.  Now those sets go for a ton because of what Ripken did.  Of course, since many collectors want these cards some people have found ways to make counterfeits.  While searching the internet I found a website that has a lot of info about Ripken, Jr and his minor league cards.  They supply a ton of information about how to spot fake Cal Ripken, Jr minor league cards.  I think it is important for any collector to read.  The site is titled “Ripken in the Minors“.  We don’t want Ripken fans purchasing these valuable cards and having them end up being fake.