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“Pin-Up” of the Week: Chicago Cubs 2016 Season Ticket Holder Pin

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Could this be the year the Cubs win their first World Series title since 1908?  It might be.  The Cubs have been tearing through every team they play, and sit comfortably atop the National League Central Division.  With the team they have now, if they don’t get to the World Series or do get there and lose, they truly aren’t meant to win another.  They are just too good right now not to go all the way.  Something drastic would need to happen in order to steer them downhill.

After the beating the Cubs just put on my Phillies, I want them to get to the World Series and lose.  I don’t want them to be blown away either.  I want the Cubs to take the apposing team to a Game 7, and then walk in the winning run.  It needs to be a devastating loss that carries over into many seasons to come.  I’m starting to sound like a supervillain… muhahahahaha!

Chicago Cubs season ticket holders were welcomed with a special pin this year.  The season ticket holder pin for 2016 features the famous Win Flag that is flown over Wrigley Field after each home game victory.  You’ll find these up for sale ranging anywhere from $10 to $40.  So if you can’t afford season tickets to the Cubs, you can at least make people think you can by wearing this pin.

Card of the Day: Clinton Portis 2002 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto

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