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Tony Gwynn Did NOT Sign His 2014 Leaf Q Cards

Leaf Trading Cards introduced a new product in 2014 called Leaf Q.

Leaf Q was a high-end, multi-sport product that cost almost $1,000/box. Each box contained (11) or (12) cards. Almost all of the cards in the box were autographed.

One of the athletes that Leaf had planned to include within this set was Tony Gwynn. Unfortunately, Tony Gwynn passed away from cancer before Leaf was able to get him to sign his cards for this product.

Leaf made the decision not to include his unsigned cards within the product. Instead they sold them on eBay shortly after his death.

Where his signature was planned to be Leaf stamped the years “1960-2014”.

These sold like hotcakes. You rarely see them resurface.

My only problem is that the words “Authentic Signature” are printed on the front. And Leaf’s autograph COA is written on the back. It wouldn’t take much for some scummy scammer to forge Tony Gwynn’s signature on one of these cards, and attempt to pass it off as the real thing. Anyone that isn’t familiar with the history of these cards could easily become a victim.

As mentioned before these cards have rarely resurfaced over the years. I’ve never seen any cards containing fake signatures, but it certainly wouldn’t take much to make it happen.

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