Flashback Product of the Week: 1991 Topps Stadium Club Super Bowl XXVI Set

 photo superbowl26pack_zps46537984.jpg

Attendees to Super Bowl XXVI were greeted with a small cleared coated pack containing five 1991 Topps Stadium Club football cards.  At first glance these cards look identical to the ones you would pull from a standard pack.  But upon further inspection you’ll see an embossed Super Bowl XXVI logo in the upper right corner.  Topps reprinted 300 cards from their regular set and decided to create a nice little souvenir for the fans.  The 300 cards aren’t exactly the first 300 cards out of the 500 card 1991 Topps Stadium Club set either.  Topps jumped around.

1991 Topps Stadium Club football is known for a lot of things – great photography, star players, and for having one of Brett Favre’s most popular rookie cards.  Luckily for Favre collectors Topps picked his rookie as one of the cards to include within the Super Bowl XXVI promo set.  At the time these packs were distributed, Favre wasn’t on everyone’s radar.  In fact, he just finished his stint with the Falcons.  As the 90’s progressed, Favre’s stock began to rise along with the price of his rookies.  His Super Bowl XXVI embossed rookie is very desirable, especially examples that are in gem mint condition.  When these packs were distributed to fans, they would throw them in their pocket and the cards would easily get damaged.  If your in the market for one, I’d personally buy one that’s either certified or graded.  Many scammers have taken a regular Favre rookie and embossed it themselves.  All of these cards from the Super Bowl XXVI promo set hold a slight premium over the standard issued cards.  The Favre is by far the most valuable.

Sealed packs can still be purchased today for $10.00.  Expect to pay more if one of the key cards is visible.