Card of the Day: Connor McDavid 2013-14 ITG Ultimate Tough Decade Superbox – Ultimate Prospect Silver Auto

 photo mcdavidauto_zpsdc2ad506.jpg

Enforcers Tough Patches


I see a bird.

ITG’s Enforcers has been stirring up a lot of controversy.  I guess creating an entire product based on some of hockey’s most prized fighters doesn’t sit well with a few people.  To those people that think its wrong to focus on this aspect of the sport, I say suck it up!  Its part of the sport.  It has been for awhile and it always will be.  Its entertainment and sells tickets.  Products based on fighting have been around for more than a century.

Enforcers will be released on 1/12/12 and collectors can look for these superb Tough Patch cards that are serial numbered 1/1.  Patches like this remind me of those rorschach tests psychologist use.  What do you see when you look at these patches?


I see machine gears.


I see an airplane.