Card of the Day: Josh Gibson 2006 Topps Allen & Ginter Hawaii Trade Conference Mini #6

Trade Cards Highlight 2012 Upper Deck Football – Who’s It Going To Be?


Oh I might as well jump on the bandwagon and talk about these trade cards too.  Lucky collectors have been pulling these from their boxes of 2012 Upper Deck Football.  Its the first licensed college football product that contains rookies of the 2012 Draft Class, and collectors are eating it up like mom’s meatloaf 🙂  One of the best things a manufacturer can do is slip something totally unexpected into a product without announcing it to the public.  Letting the collector make the discovery is a great marketing strategy.  That’s exactly what Upper Deck has done with their trade cards.

The back of the card states that Upper Deck will trade you this card for an Upper Deck Football card of a 1st Round Draft Pick Quarterback.  There are unsigned (silver) and signed versions (gold).  I hope you don’t mind waiting awhile for your card to arrive, because Upper Deck won’t start filling these mystery redemptions until June, 2013.  I have a feeling it could be Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III.  Upper Deck may have decided not to fill them until next year so it allows Luck’s exclusive with Press Pass to pass by.

Then again, it doesn’t state that it would be a card of a 2012 1st Round Draft Pick Quarterback.  Perhaps it could be someone from another Draft Class.  For all we know it could be Ryan Leaf.  Either way, slipping in a card such as this gets collectors talking, and that’s what Upper Deck wants.  This isn’t the first time Upper Deck has gone the sneaky route.  In 1992, Upper Deck offered a trade card which could be redeemed for a Shaq variation.


Card of the Day: Justin Verlander 2006 Upper Deck Hawaii Trade Conference Auto


Flashback Product of the Week: 2006 Donruss/Playoff Hawaii Trade Conference Box

One of the coolest things about the Trade Conference are the promos, specifically the ones from Donruss/Playoff (Panini).  Their black boxes are always packed with a ton of exclusive stuff.  Some years there might be cards inside and other times you might find printing plates.  They can be pretty expensive, but thats because the Trade Conference is the only place they could be picked-up.  I opened a box from 2008 and pulled a bunch of one-of-one’s.  Trust me, these are a very fun product to rip.


Trade With A Chicle Artist

I was lucky enough to actually do a trade with Monty Sheldon, who is one of the artists that worked on both Chicle Football and Baseball.  I sent him some of the cards he designed and in return I got some Phillies Chicle cards I needed.  Check it out!  Thanks again Monty!!!

Trade With VOTC

Earlier this week I was contacted by Rob from Voice of the Collector.  He wanted to let me know that he won a free Jimmy Rollins 2002 Topps Ten autograph from the Topps Blog.  We were able to work out a trade and today my card arrived in the mail.  In return, Rob received the following:

  • (1) Alfonso Soriano ’07 Bowman Sterling bat
  • (1) Carlos Zambrano ’08 Topps Allen & Ginter jersey
  • (1) Aramis Ramirez ’09 UD SP Legendary Cuts jersey

I’d like to thank Rob for agreeing to go through with the trade.  I think I came out ahead on my end.  Be sure to check out his blog.  You can also catch him on Card Corner Radio, which is one of the most informative radio shows when it comes to The Hobby.


On-card autograph of Jimmy Rollins!

2010 Las Vegas Sports Collectibles Industry Summit


On April 11-14, 2010 the sports collectibles industry will be having its trade show/conference that usually takes place in Hawaii, but instead this year it will be in Las Vegas.  I’ve never attended this conference, but would really like to someday.  You get the chance to meet industry leaders and listen in on discussions about The Hobby.  Of coarse, just like The National, one of the biggest draws to this are the promos that many of the guests receive.  In the past, one of the most popular promos are the Black Boxes provided by Donruss/Playoff (Panini).  I purchased a Black Box a few years ago and inside were seven 1/1 printing plates, and two of them were autographed.  Black Boxes aren’t the only promos flying around either.  There are a ton of autograph and memorabilia cards for collectors to snatch up.  I e-mailed Kevin Isaacson who is one of the event hosts to see if they could let me know what kind of promos they plan to have this year.

Attending this conference isn’t like going to The National, for one thing it costs a lot more.  The early bird special is only $299.  For more information you can check out their website here.  Who knows?  Maybe someday Sports Card Info will be a sponsor too.


This Manning autograph was a promo during the ’07 conference.

One Heck of a Trade

Over at Dinged Corners, there is a post entitled “What Would You Trade for an Illinois Senate seat?”  If I had a senate seat and wanted to try an trade, it would take a lot of cards and/or memorabilia.  They would need to find a T206 Honus Wagner graded a BGS Pristine 10 for me to get rid of something like that.  I would also settle for an entire sealed case of 1952 Topps baseball cards or maybe perhaps a few relics from the Baseball Hall of Fame.  What would you trade for a senate seat?  By the way, does anyone else think Gov. Blagojevich looks like a Fisher Price Little Person? (Especially the hair).


New Category Tab

A few days ago I created the “Trading” tab on Sports Card Info.  There you will find information on what I collect.  Maybe we can make a trade.  Shoot me an e-mail and let me know what you got!


Bad Decision for the Phillies

As you know, I am a huge Phillies fan.  I just read on ESPN that the Phillies traded away three minor league players: Adrian Cardenas, Josh Outman, and Matthew Spencer, to the the A’s.  In return the Phillies will receive pitcher Joe Blanton who is 5-12 this season.  This is a bad move in my opinion as a Phillies fan.  Those were three of their best minor league players.  I’m not too sure what this will do for any of their cards.  This Phillies just traded away some of their future stars.  I can’t wait for Outman and Cardenas to make it to the majors some day.