Product Highlight: 1993 Topps/McDonald’s All Time Greatest Team Trading Card Glasses

McDonald’s has been making collectible drinking glasses for decades.  I never really got into them, except for when they made a set for the movie Batman Forever in 1995.  Topps and McDonald’s teamed-up in 1993 to bring collectors a set of ten glasses.  Printed on each glass is a Topps baseball card.  If you purchased any Extra Value Meal with a Coke Classic you had the opportunity to buy one of these 16-ounce All Time Greatest Team Trading Card Glasses.  Each glass features the player’s facsimile signature too.

Here’s the checklist:

  • #1 Nolan Ryan 1969 Topps #533
  • #2 Johnny Bench 1970 Topps #660
  • #3 Lou Gehrig 1961 Topps #405
  • #4 Joe Morgan 1973 Topps #230
  • #5 Cal Ripken Jr. 1985 Topps #704
  • #6 Brooks Robinson 1961 Topps #10
  • #7 Roberto Clemente 1961 Topps #388
  • #8 Willie Mays 1957 Topps #10
  • #9 Babe Ruth 1962 Topps #139
  • #10 Carl Yastrzemski 1970 Topps #10

The first nine glasses were sold nationally.  In order to get the tenth glass, you needed to live in the Boston area.  That makes Carl Yastrzemski the rarest of them all.

1995 Fleer Christmas Trading Cards – Don’t Eat The Yellow Snowflakes

Wow!  Junk wax from the 80’s and 90’s really produced some crazy stuff.  That includes entire products dedicated to holidays like Easter and Christmas.

Fleer’s Christmas Trading Cards hit store shelves in 1995.  This isn’t a sports product with Christmas characters randomly thrown in like we see done today.  Oh no.  In fact, there are zero sports figures included in this set.  Its nothing but Christmas characters.

The entire set contains (42) cards.  Over those (42) cards, (6) themes are covered – Twas the Night Before Christmas, The Twelve Days of Christmas, The Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol, The Velveteen Rabbit, and Christmas Songs.  Its a very artistic set.  Contributing artists include Greg Hildebrandt, David Delamare, Joe Boddy, and Turl MacComble.

Have you been dying to know if there are any chase cards?  Yes there are.  One card from each theme has a Golden Memories parallel.  Looking almost exactly like the base, these parallels have the Golden Memories logo in the upper left corner on the back.  Gold snowflakes also adorn the back instead of the standard yellow ones.  I don’t think anyone enjoys yellow snowflakes.

Needless to say, this product never made it past the Premiere Edition.  Boxes, packs, and singles are readily available on the secondary market.  Unless its a small, niche set sold as an online-exclusive, Christmas products such as this traditionally don’t survive.  (36) packs of Christmas cards is just way too much.

If you’re going to make a Christmas product.  Go all-in and make it super high-end.  I want a cut signature of the actual St. Nick that lived from the year 270 A.D. to 343 A.D.  Charles Dickens cut signatures.  Redemption card for a 1st edition of A Christmas Carol.  Cut signature of Clement Clarke Moore, author of Twas the Night Before Christmas.  We could call it A Transcendent Christmas.

MORE Murderer Trading Cards

Marquis of Lorne – 140th Anniversary of The Original Trading Card

Every single day all over the world packs and boxes of trading cards are opened.  Its a hobby enjoyed by many.  To some it can be an addiction.  The idea of what could be in that next pack or box can be too tempting to ignore.  If it weren’t for the tobacco industry and their pack inserted cards, there is a good chance this hobby of ours wouldn’t exist.

What is the first pack-inserted tobacco card?

The gentleman who has the honor of being on the first pack-inserted tobacco card is John George Edward Henry Douglas Sutherland Campbell.  Good luck fitting that name on a jersey.  This dude was into a little bit of everything.  He was well traveled, well educated, and even married Princess Louise, the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria.  Titles he held included being the 9th Duke of Argyll, and Marquis of Lorne.

Between 1878-1883 the Marquis of Lorne was serving as the 4th Governor General of Canada.  Quite impressive considering he was a British nobleman.  The Thos. H. Hall cigarette manufacturer of New York at this time decided to include a tobacco card of him in their Marquis of Lorne brand of cigarettes in 1879.  Unfortunately this brand didn’t sell well, and it quickly flamed out.  Very few cards survived.  It measures 3.125″ x 1.625″, the exact size of the cigarette packet.  The American Card Catalog officially classifies it as N519.

As of this writing, only four examples are known to exist.  One is in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Another is in the British Museum in London.  The other two are in private collections.

Only one of the four known examples has popped up for sale.  The same card has been sold twice.  In 1994 it sold for $11,500, and then again in 2009 for $15,275.  I believe it would be worth even more if it were of a sports figure.

I can’t stress how important this tiny piece of cardboard is to the hobby.  Prior to the 1879 N519 Marquis of Lorne card, advertisements such as this were handed out over the counter.  Not inside cigarette packs.  Despite the Marquis of Lorne cigarette brand not making it, the idea of cardboard inserts did.

You probably wouldn’t be opening that box or pack if this card wouldn’t have been printed.  Everything pretty much snowballed from this single card.  Starting in 1880, many more tobacco inserts followed.

Flashback Product of the Week: 1991 Hot Aire Trading Cards

 photo 91hotaire1_zpsqpvnrv7q.jpg

In a million years you couldn’t have guessed that I’d pick this product.  The 80’s and 90’s were filled with a lot of obscure sets.  With the rise of sports cards as an investment, people were willing to put anything on cardboard hoping one day it would amount to riches.  Looking back, I think we can all agree how that went.  Overproduction set in, and many products ended up being worthless.  Needless to say, all this rush did create some funky products that manufacturers today would never even think about making.

Yes.  This is a product dedicated to hot air balloons and their pilots.  Hot Aire Trading Cards made their debut in 1991 during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.  It was the brainchild of two hot air balloon enthusiasts, Danny Edwards and Patrick O’Hea.  Edwards would collect pilot bios and take photos while O’Hea designed the cards.  Their first set consists of (100) cards.  When they were first introduced, you could purchase them by the pack for $2.50 each or in factory set form for $23.50.  Only producing 30,000 sets was thought to increase the cards’ value.  As you can probably guess, that didn’t happen.  The last complete set to sell went for $15, which is still way more than what I was expecting.  Hobby boxes range anywhere from $15 to $30.

Hot Aire Trading Cards lasted for a few years, and then fizzled out.  I’m surprised they lasted that long.  The Fiesta continues to be held each year though.  When it comes to chase cards, there really aren’t any.  No “hot” packs.  These are more of a novelty now than anything.  A modern day interpretation of a product like this would be interesting.  You could have autographs, relics, and perhaps some type of inflatable card.

Leaf Bucks Return For The 34th National

Leaf Bucks will be returning this year for the 34th National Sports Collectors Convention.  Collectors opening eligible Leaf products at their booth can earn Leaf Bucks which can be redeemed for various pieces of memorabilia, cards, etc.  Among the promos will be an exclusive Yasiel Puig set, Johnny Manziel autographed sketch cards, a never-before-released Damian Lillard Leaf Valiant autographed card, and you could win a Josh Gibson Cut Signature.

The eligible products include:

  •  2012 Leaf Legends of Sport
  •  2013 Ace Authentics Signature Series Tennis
  •  2012-2013 Leaf Metal Basketball
  •  2012-2013 Leaf Best of Basketball
  •  2013 Leaf Best of Hockey
  •  2013 Leaf Legends of Gridiron Cut Signature
  •  2013 Leaf Legends of The Ring Cut Signature
  •  2013 Leaf Metal Draft Football
  •  2013 Leaf Valiant Draft Football
  •  2013 Leaf Trinity Football
  •  2013 Leaf Power Showcase Baseball
  •  2013 Leaf Rookie Retro
  •  2013 Leaf U.S. Army All-American Football
  •  2013 Leaf Pop Century
  •  2013 Leaf Masterpiece Cuts
  •  2013 Leaf Pride of the Pinstripes Cut Signature

Leaf will also be foil stamping cards with the National’s logo much like they did last year.

 photo 13LN_Front_Puig_Page_1_zpsc827abd1.jpg

 photo 13LN_Front_Puig_Page_2_zpsffa3da61.jpg

 photo 13LN_Front_Puig_Page_6_zps062b963d.jpg

 photo 13LN_Front_Puig_Page_5_zpse18205ac.jpg

 photo 13LN_Front_Puig_Page_4_zpsdde53851.jpg

 photo jgcsig_zps98d93ed8.jpg

 photo dllvauto_zps299dbf64.jpg

 photo jmauto_zpsa8c52868.jpg

 photo rlosebb_zpsd6af0ab8.jpg

Leaf’s 2012 NSCC Box Break Redemption Program

Leaf has unveiled their official box break redemption program for the 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore.


Collectors opening any of the following products at the Leaf Booth #D-3 located in the corporate area will receive Leaf Bucks to spend at their redemption store.

  • 2012 Leaf Pop Century
  • 2012 Leaf Best of Baseball
  • 2012 Leaf Cut Signature Sports Icons Edition
  • 2012 Leaf Ali The Greatest
  • 2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft Football
  • 2012 Leaf Valiant Draft Football
  • 2012 Leaf Football Autographed Mini-Helmets
  • 2012 Leaf MMA Metal


In addition to their Leaf Bucks program, anyone who opens a 2011 or 2012 Leaf branded product at the Leaf booth can have one of the cards from their box foil stamped with the National Sports Collectors Convention logo.

Some of their autograph guests include Dave Hester from Storage Wars, Bradley Beal, and Nnemkadi Ogwumike.

Virtual Trading Cards Integrated Into NBA Baller Beats


Looks like I predicted the future once again.  About three years ago, I wrote a blog post on how I think sports cards should be integrated within video games.  Last year, Panini had Marshall Faulk sign some cards for insertion in copies of Madden 2012.  Its happening again, but this time on a bigger scale.

This fall, Majesco Entertainment Company plans to release NBA Baller Beats exclusively for Kinect on Xbox 360.  This game gets the player off the couch and lets them train along side their favorite NBA teams using a real Spalding NBA licensed game ball replica basketball that comes with the game.  In the game you get to try out your ball skills while listening to an exciting soundtrack.  The better you do, the more songs, levels, posters, and trading cards will be unlocked.  That’s right.  I said trading cards – virtual ones at least.  Panini has come to a production integration agreement that will allow players to unlock virtual trading cards based on their 2012-13 NBA Hoops product.  They will be used as in-game rewards.

I think this is a really big step into reaching potential collectors.  Video games are huge, and you have to go where the fans are.  People complain today and say the hobby isn’t doing well.  I believe the hobby is doing fine.  No, its not what it use to be, but that’s because many people lost focus and didn’t want to change.  You must integrate your business to where the customers are, not waiting for them where they use to be.  Topps is doing well with this too releasing a few mobile apps.

NBA Baller Beats will have a demo setup this year at E3 which takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center June 5-7.  I bet this will be a hot toy come this Christmas season.

Flashback Product of the Week: 1991 Jockey Star Guild Trading Cards


You got it.  Its an entire early 90’s set based on jockeys.  The 1991 Jockey Star Guild Trading Card set consists of 220-cards, including their spokesman, Billy Shoemaker.  Shoemaker actual has 6 cards within the set.  This set was issued mainly for two reasons.  One, it was the 50th Anniversary of the Jockeys’ Guild Board of Directors, and two, they used a portion of the money raised to help out disabled jockeys.

As you can imagine, the demand for a product like this was very low.  But this being the early 90’s, you know what that means.  They were overproduced to the max.  Complete sets can easily be found for a few dollars here and there.  This wasn’t the only issue either.  They released a steady stream of jockey cards throughout the 90’s.

Three jockeys included in this inaugural set were killed on the racetrack before the 1991 season ended – Rodney Dickens, Lute Proctor, and John Hoak.

Political Junkies Can Look Forward To Executive Trading’s Newest Set


Ya know, if every trading card manufacturer issued one product every few years we wouldn’t have this little problem called overproduction.  Then again, there wouldn’t be much to break.  Either way, political junkies can look forward to Executive Trading’s newest release dedicated to the 112th Congress.

These cards are way better looking when compared to their first set.  This time they are standard size and contain a lot more information on the back.  It would still be cool to see some autographs included.

Earlier this week, Executive Trading sent over a few cards from their new set.  They sent the following:

  • Barack Obama – Democratic Party #1
  • Mitt Romney – Republican Party #2
  • Ron Paul – Republican Party #3
  • Sarah Palin – Republican Party #4
  • Bill Nelson/Marco Rubio – Senators #7
  • Rand Paul/Mitch McConnell – Senators #8
  • John Boenner/Steve Austria/Steve Latourette/Pat Tiberi – Representatives #56
  • Barbara Lee/Nancy Pelosi/Jerry McNerney/John Garamendi – CA53 #57
  • Jaime Herrera Beutler/Allen West/Tim Scott/Rick Berg – Rookie Representatives #134
  • Terri Sewell/Karen Bass/John C. Carney, Jr./Frederica Wilson – Rookie Representatives #135
  • Hilary Clinton – United States Secretary of State #209
  • Elena Kagan – Associate Justice Rookie #233
  • Norm Dicks #241
  • Tea Party Express #242
  • Joe Biden – Vice President #EX2