Flashback Product of the Week: 1990 Classic Monster Trucks

 photo 1990classicmonstertrucks_zps9d85a828.jpg

SUNDAY!!!  SUNDAY!!!  SUNDAY!!!  They lurk in the shadows, prey on small creatures, and are guaranteed to give your kittens nightmares!!!  These are the types of things you would hear on those classic commercials for monster truck rallies.  They would get so annoying hearing them over and over again.

In 1990 everything and anything had a trading card.  The hobby was at the high point of overproduction and anything a manufacturer put on a cardboard was going to be worth a ton in the future.  Yah, we all see how well that turned out.  The long defunct company Classic (a subsidiary of The Score Board, Inc) issued this 125-card set in 1990 entitled Monster Trucks.  I’m sure it took them a long time to think of the name.  Throughout the set you’ll find cards of classic monster trucks such as Big Foot and Grave Digger.  Lets face it, an entire product based on monster trucks and their drivers shouldn’t be much of a surprise.  There is very little value to this product today.  Boxes can be found for under $10.00 and individual cards go for even less.  Before Classic, monster truck fans had to rely upon the Leesley company if they wanted to see their favorite trucks on cards.  Monster trucks is yet another subject that doesn’t quite have the large enough fan base to support a standalone product.  If I’m not mistaken, Big Foot’s last appearance on a card was in 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter.

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I believe I’ve found the origin of the white box based autograph.  It all started with 1990 Classic Monster Trucks.  Granted you needed to get the signature yourself, but the box is white.