“Pin-Up” of the Week: Sochi 2014 Nippon TV Winter Olympics Media Pin

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The 2014 Winter Olympics are in full swing over in Sochi, Russia.  Norway currently holds the most medals with six.  Whenever the Olympics come around, pin collectors are in heaven.  Pin trading is huge when it comes to the Olympics.  Its even bigger than the Little League World Series.  They pretty much have a pin for everything.

Media outlets from all over the world are represented at the Olympics.  In America, NBC has the most coverage.  Over in Tokyo, Japan they have Nippon TV.  Nippon TV has been around for 60 years.  They were the first to air a TV commercial and broadcast in color.  Nippon TV has a rich history in shaping Japanese television much like ABC, NBC, and CBS do here in America.

If you’re attending the Winter Olympics right now, consider yourself lucky if you can get your hands on one of these Nippon TV media pins.  One recently sold for $90.00.

The Avengers TV Spot – Team

Its getting closer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Avengers TV Spot – Headcount

Just a little over a month away!!!


A Look At Ryan O’Hara: Topps Gets A Social Media Upgrade

Yesterday, Topps announced that Ryan O’Hara would become its new CEO.  Departing is Scott Silverstein who has been with Topps since 1993 and will stay on the Topps board.

O’Hara holds a BA in Economics from Stanford University and a Masters of Business Administration from the Harvard Business School.  This guy has spent so much time in school, he probably hasn’t opened a single pack of trading cards in his life…… just joking 🙂  O’Hara is coming over from TV Guide and TVGuide.com and in the past has worked for Nestle and Fox Sports.  Having worked for Nestle could possibly help Topps out with their candy business and working for Fox Sports means that he’s not totally lost when it comes to sports.

One area that I’d like to see O’Hara succeed in at Topps is their social media division.  O’Hara is one person that truly embraces social media and marketing.  This is one place that Topps drastically needs to make some improvements in.  Topps does send some products out to a few websites other than Beckett, but other than that, they really fall short of what some of the other manufacturers are doing.  They do have Topps Town and that iPhone card flipping app, but other than a few Tweets every now and then they don’t do anything too spectacular.  Don’t even get me started on the augmented reality stuff your suppose to do with a webcam.

On March 1, O’Hara will start as the CEO of Topps, and it will be interesting to see what changes he can bring with him.

What type of changes would you like to see at Topps?  For one thing, cover up the redemption codes so people can’t use them and then place the redemptions up for sale!


Card of the Day: 1997 Grolier ER Trading Card


This may seem a little out of the ordinary for a “Card of the Day” post, but sometimes its good to go outside the box.  Tonight on NBC, the long running show ER will be airing its final episode after 15 years, and I will be there to watch it.

When the first episode debuted to the public on September 19, 1994, I was in 3rd grade, and had a strick 9:00 p.m. bedtime.  When I reached middle school, I discovered the show by watching reruns in the morning during the summer.  After watching the first show, I  instantley became a fan.  I even got to see it more when I had multiple foot surgeries and needed to stay home from school.  As I got older I was staying up later and finally could watch the show in primetime.  I guess I can relate to the show since I have been in and out of the hospital so much in my life.  By far, ER will always be my favorite T.V. show.  I enjoyed watching all the drama and learning about the background of the characters.  It will be sad to see it go.

As for this trading card, it was made in 1997 by Grolier.  Its card number D-11 in this educational card set.  They measure 4×6″ and could only be obtained through the mail.  These can easily be picked-up for $5.00.

Introducing Sports Card Info TV

I have added a small widget to the left sidebar of the site that displays videos that I have collected with Vodpod.  Most of the videos deal with sports in some way or another.  Just scroll side to side and click the play button on the video that you would like to watch.  You don’t even have to leave the site to watch.  Hope you enjoy!!!