The Twelve Days of Collecting

Cardboard Junkie is one of the better sports card blogs that I usually check out a few times a day.  It always has such interesting posts to read.  A few days ago, CardBoard Junkie started doing a “Twelve Days of Christmas” post everyday.  The other night, I sat down and wrote my own version called “The Twelve Days of Collecting”, and I thought I would share it with you.  Everything in it deals with sports or cards in one way or another.  Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!!!!  


The Twelve Days of Collecting

On the first day of Collecting my card shop gave to me,

A brand new box of 09 O-Pee-Chee

2nd – Two game used gloves

3rd – Three French Spectrum autos

4th – Four Cooperstown Callings

5th – Five Rings of Honor

6th – Six Victory Lines a-laying

7th – Seven Phelps Fans of the Game a-swimming

8th – Eight Farm Hands a-milking

9th – Nine Lady Bing’s dancing

10th – Ten Lord Stanley’s leaping

11th – Eleven Between the Pipes a-piping

12th – Twelve T205 drums a-drumming