Card of the Day: Quentin Moses 2007 Topps TX Exclusive #120

 photo qm07toppstx_zpsw5ibjiuo.jpg

Flashback Product of the Week: 2007 Topps TX Exclusive Football

Its products like ’07 Topps TX Exclusive that makes me wonder why Topps made Ticket to Stardom last year.  For some reason products based around ticket relics don’t do well.  The problem I have with this product is the location Topps chose to put the sticker autographs which was right on top of the ticket stub.  This makes it difficult to see the signature because the tickets usually aren’t one solid color.  Its an interesting concept, but it just hasn’t been received well by the public.  Probably because collectors can easily obtain ticket stubs themselves.  There are only 12 packs per box and you get a bunch of hits.