Card of the Day: Bob Uecker 1964 Topps #543

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Card of the Day: Bob Uecker 1966 Topps #91

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Card of the Day: Bob Uecker 1963 Topps #126


Card of the Day: Bob Uecker 1965 Topps #519


The Hobby Needs Bob Uecker Relics & Autos

Hey, I must be in the front row” – Bob Uecker

Bob Uecker is one of the most recognizable figures in baseball.  Not only was he a great catcher, but he is one of the best broadcasters the game has ever heard.  Uecker’s stories and quotes will be repeated by fans for many years to come.

Unfortunately for you Uecker collectors you don’t have much to collect.  Bob Uecker only has a little over 20 cards.  In fact, the last Uecker card made comes from 2001 Topps Archives.  I think its time to make some new Bob Uecker cards containing autographs and relics.  Can you imagine all the interesting inscriptions he could put under his signature?  I could definitely see him in Allen & Ginter or OBAK.


5 Cards I Would Like To See In 2011 Allen & Ginter

The Cardboard Connection is having a contest where you can win 1 free hobby box of 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter.  All you have to do is e-mail them a list of five cards you would like to see in 2011 Allen & Ginter.  Click here for all the contest details.

There are a ton of people I would like to see in Allen & Ginter.  I found it difficult to narrow it down to just five, but here is my list:

  • Jefferson Burdick – author of The American Card Catalog.


  • Steve Jobs Auto – Co-Founder of Apple.


  • Harry Kalas Cut Signature & Tie Relic – Phillies Hall of Fame broadcaster.


  • Bob Uecker Auto – “Mr. Baseball” and 2003 Ford C. Frick Award winner.


  • Ball Park Franks – Hygrade Food Products won a competition in 1959 to be the exclusive supplier of hot dogs to the Detroit Tiger’s stadium. Hygrade Food Products launched a contest to its employees in order to come up with the best brand name for their Detroit Tigers stadium hot dogs.  Mary Ann Kurk, one of Hygrade Food Products sales people at the time, won the contest with the name “Ball Park Franks”.


In addition to this list, I would also like to see a card of Carl Stotz, who founded Little League Baseball.  So who or what would be on your list?

Happy Birthday Bob Uecker & Wayne Gretzky!

Did you know that Bob Uecker and Wayne Gretzky share the same birthday today?  Thats what you call an odd couple.  The only reason I know this is because today is my mom’s birthday too.

Gretzky is probably one of the most popular hockey player’s in history, and even if you don’t follow sports, I bet you’ve heard his name.  He has thousands of cards, tons containing autographs and relics.  Uecker on the other hand has very few cards, 20 at the most.  His rookie can be found in 1962 Topps.  As far as I know, he has no certified autographs or cards containing relics.  Uecker is one player I think collectors would love to see autographs and relics of.  Judging by the sale of his cards, he seems to be very popular.


“Hey, I must be in the front row”

Card of the Day #75

Bob Uecker 1962 Topps #594 SP Rookie