Unlikely Autograph Find

Ever since I attended my first minor league baseball game back in 1997, I have always picked up a team set while visiting the gift shop.  A few years ago back in 2006 when I attended a Williamsport Crosscutters game I purchased a 2006 team set.  Even though I had a good idea of what was in the set, the pack ripper inside always takes over and makes me want to open it to see what is inside.  I started going through the set card by card inspecting the fronts and backs.  When I reached about the middle of the stack, I came across an insert.  Not just any insert either, but an autographed insert of Brad Eldred serial numbered to 23.  At that time the Crosscutters were the single A affiliate of the Pirates.  Eldred isn’t the most collected player in MLB, but I still think its cool to pull an autograph from a minor league team set.  After holding on to it for awhile, I moved it into another person’s collection.  Thats one autograph I’ll never forget, because it came from an unlikely place.