’16 Topps U.S. Olympic Auto Contest Winner Announced

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Congrats to Josh D. on being the lucky winner of the Sam Mikulak 2016 Topps U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Team Hopefuls Auto.  Once Josh D. sends me his mailing address, I will ship this card ASAP.  Thanks!


’16 Topps U.S. Olympic Auto Contest! – NOW CLOSED

This contest is for a Sam Mikulak 2016 Topps U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Team Hopefuls Auto.  Good luck!!!

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Contest Details:

  • This contest will end Friday, September 16, 2016 @ 8:00 p.m. EST.
  • To enter, please leave a comment in this post.
  • You can enter once per day.
  • The winner will be selected at random.
  • Please provide a valid e-mail address when entering.
  • The winner will receive an e-mail when the contest is over.
  • The winner has one week to send me their contact information or the contest will be held again.
  • Once the contest is over, I will need the winner’s mailing address so I can ship them this card for FREE!!!

2016 Topps U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Team Hopefuls Box Break & Review

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The games in Rio may be over, but boxes of 2016 Topps U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Team Hopefuls will be around for a long time.  Olympic products offer a fun alternative to the normal sports stuff we see on a regular basis.  Most of these athletes, other than a few exceptions, will see their only cards show up in products such as this.  Allen & Ginter is another place you can watch for them to popup.  Olympic athletes have an insane collecting fan base, which you can see when looking at how much some collectors are willing to spend on their cards.

If you’re a set collector, this product shouldn’t be that difficult to complete.  The base set consists of only (74) cards.  Parallels include Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Rainbow Foil.  The Rainbow Foil parallels are the hardest to find given that they’re 1/1’s.  Overall, the design is very simple.

Out of all the sports represented, swimming and women’s basketball are the most dominant.  Men’s basketball probably has the most recognizable names, but Topps isn’t allowed to make cards of them due to licensing with Panini.  Topps made a great decision to include cards of Simone Biles.  She lived up to the hype and performed very well.  This is currently the only product you can find her cards in.  They remain some of the most valuable “hits” you can pull.  Even though he has had cards in other products, Michael Phelps continues to be the top dollar athlete you’d want to pull an autograph of.  One of the best things about this product are the extra “hits”.  Each box promises at least (3), but the odds are good that you’ll get more.

A few things did run through my mind while opening this box.  Where are Katie Ledecky and Usain Bolt?  These two need to show up in a future product.  Talk about two athletes that would drive attention to a brand.

Another item I miss that Topps did before are the pin cards.  The Olympics are big when it comes to pin collecting.  Rarer pins can command some serious attention on the secondary market.  I’d like to see Topps bring back the pin cards for the next Olympics.  When Topps has made pin cards in the past, those pins were specially made for that product.  It would be really cool to see some of those rarer pins actually given out during the Olympics find their way into cards.

If you’re looking for something different to break open, I’d highly advise giving 2016 Topps U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Team Hopefuls a shot.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Diana Taurasi U.S. Champions Red Parallel Auto #’ed/25
  • Sam Mikulak Auto

 photo diana16toredauto1_zpsq0j3xoux.jpg

 photo sam16toa_zps5zanxdoq.jpg


  • Sue Bird Auto/Relic #’ed/50

 photo bird16toar1_zpsg4yqkeke.jpg


  • Claressa Shields Relic
  • Claressa Shields Commemorative U.S. Olympic Patch #’ed/99

 photo shields16tr_zpsgfqaeugy.jpg

 photo shieldspatch_zpsaz9uf0h5.jpg


  • Aly Raisman Gold #64
  • Missy Franklin Gold #14
  • Megan Rapinoe Gold #20
  • Elena Delle Donne Gold #36
  • Carlin Isles Gold #12
  • Ryan Lochte Gold #50
  • Sue Bird Gold #44
  • Abby Wambach Gold #40
  • Simone Biles Silver #38
  • Natalie Coughlin Silver #39
  • Elena Delle Donne Silver #36
  • Steven Lopez Silver #15
  • Jake Dalton Silver #25
  • Ryan Lochte Silver #50
  • Paige Selenski Silver #7
  • Rulon Gardner Silver #62
  • Carlin Isles Silver #12
  • Sue Bird Silver #44
  • Kayla Harrison Silver #9
  • Mariel Zagunis Silver #6
  • Summer Ross Bronze #58
  • Missy Franklin Bronze #14
  • Jake Dalton Bronze #25
  • Danell Leyva Bronze #26
  • Steve Lopez Bronze #15
  • Joe Kovacs Bronze #33
  • Rulon Gardner Bronze #62
  • Ryan Lochte Bronze #50
  • Matt Stutzman Bronze #10
  • Carlin Isles Bronze #12
  • Kayla Harrison Bronze #9
  • Merrill Moses Bronze #47
  • Galen Rupp Bronze #57
  • Mariel Zagunis Bronze #6
  • Diana Taurasi Bronze #4
  • Kim Rhode Bronze #13
  • Simone Biles Bronze #38
  • Nathan Adrian Bronze #67
  • Courtney Mathewson Bronze #45
  • Aly Raisman Bronze #64
  • Maya Moore Bronze #74
  • David Boudia Bronze #51
  • Tatyana McFadden Bronze #70
  • Claressa Shields Bronze #2
  • Gabby Douglas Olympic Disciplines #19
  • Carlin Isles Olympic Disciplines #9
  • Tatyana McFadden Olympic Disciplines #8
  • Holley Mangold Olympic Disciplines #14
  • Adeline Gray Olympic Disciplines #16
  • Paige Selenski Olympic Disciplines #4
  • Los Angeles 1932 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony #5

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 photo 16toppsclos_zpsvwynk1n9.jpg

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 photo summerbronze_zpsgd8mfvqb.jpg

“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2002 U.S. Open Bethpage Black, New York w/ Twin Towers

 photo 2002usopenbpbpin_zpsyv6ktsr8.jpg

Golf tournaments like to make pins far in advance.  Its not uncommon to find pins for a tournament that takes place during the summer up for sale the previous fall.  I guess they just like to be ready.

The 2002 U.S. Open was played in Farmingdale, New York on the Bethpage State Park, Black Course.  Tiger Woods ultimately won.  These pins were issued in the fall of 2001.  As you can see, when they were made the Twin Towers were still standing.  Shortly after September 11, 2001, these pins were recalled and the Twin Towers were taken off.  To tell you the truth, I think the newly reissued pins don’t contain the city skyline at all.  In it’s place is a plain white background.

You can probably guess where this is heading.  When has the recalled version of anything not made it to the secondary market?  The answer is pretty much never.  Some of the pins featuring the Twin Towers found their way out.  Big surprise.  The corrected pins are worth about $10.00, whereas the recalled ones bring in about $75.00.

Card of the Day: Gracie Gold 2014 Topps U.S. Olympic And Paralympic Team & Hopefuls Auto

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“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2013 U.S. Open Wicker Basket Pin

 photo usopen2013_zps301e0250.jpg

The 113th U.S. Open is currently underway at Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, PA.  Weather had been a real problem for the golfers earlier in the week, but it looks as if things are starting to clear up.  As of right now, Phil Mickelson and Billy Horschel are tied at the top of the leaderboard.  This is the fifth time the U.S. Open has been played on Merion’s East Course.

One design aspect that stands out the most to visitors on the East Course are the wicker baskets that top all of the pins instead of flags.  As the legend goes, the course’s designer Hugh Wilson was over in England studying their courses and came across some sheep herders.  The herders used long staffs with wicker baskets on the end to control their sheep.  The staff was meant to help move the sheep while the wicker basket was used to store the shepherd’s lunch.  Having the wicker basket on the end of the staff kept the food away from the sheep.  Wilson decided to incorporate that look into the East Course’s design.  This has never been officially verified, but its the story fans have been going with for years.  Many golfers don’t like the baskets since they can’t indicate which way the wind is blowing like a flag can.

This pin is one of a handful on sale to guests.  They have been running anywhere from $10.00 to $20.00.