Card of the Day: Jeff Francoeur 2002 Upper Deck USA Baseball Auto

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Card of the Day: Jameis Winston 2012 Upper Deck USA Football Auto

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Card of the Day: George Bush 1990 Topps USA White House Issue #USA1

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FYI – The 100 cards given to former President Bush (White House Issue) have a thick clear coating on the front, and the others do not.

USA Baseball Auto Contest Winner Announced

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Congrats to Matt Gilman on being the lucky winner of the Nico Hoerner 2013 Panini USA Baseball Champions Certified Mirror Red Auto #’ed/49.  Once Matt Gilman sends me their mailing address I will ship this card ASAP.  Thanks.

USA Baseball Auto Contest! – NOW CLOSED

This is a contest for a Nico Hoerner 2013 Panini USA Baseball Champions Certified Mirror Red Auto #’ed/49.  Good luck!

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Contest Details:

  • This contest will end Friday, June 14, 2013 @ 8:00 p.m. EST
  • To enter, please leave a comment in this post
  • You can enter once per day
  • The winner will be selected at random
  • Please provide a valid e-mail address when entering
  • The winner will receive an e-mail when the contest is over
  • The winner has one week to send me their contact information or the contest will be held again
  • Once the contest is over, I will need the winner’s mailing address so I can ship them this card for FREE!!!

2013 Panini USA Baseball Champions Box Break & Review

Design:  photo 3flags.jpg

Hey look!  We have a Panini baseball product with logos.  Granted they’re Team USA logos, but that’s still better than any airbrushed card they’ve issued before.  The only real gripe I have with the design are the white boxes that are smacked right in the middle of the Certified autographs.  Following collectors love for bat knob relics, Panini made very rare Team USA bat knob cards.  Collectors go nuts over these knob relics, but I do think Panini should have designed them horizontally versus upright.

 photo mcgwireusa_zps8796cc3d.jpg

Panini made good use of the classic photographs of many legends in their Team USA uniform.  Of all the legends Panini included, Mark McGwire is the one that sticks out to me the most.  You don’t see McGwire in a lot of today’s products.  His rookies may be worthless, but his signatures are in high demand.  I can still remember getting the McGwire Topps USA rookie for Christmas back in 1998.  This is the first product to have McGwire autographs in three years.

Price:  photo 3flags.jpg

Boxes are currently selling for $60.00.  Really affordable!

“Hit” Quality:  photo 3flags.jpg

Every box should have (2) autographs and (3) relics.  I didn’t see a USA Baseball Legends Die-Cut card in my box.

I pulled the following:


  • Nico Hoerner Certified Mirror Red Auto #’ed/49
  • Christian Lopes Stars & Stripes Auto #’ed/672


  • Albert Almora Game Gear Jersey
  • Austin Cousino Game Gear Jersey
  • Marco Gonzales Game Gear Bat


  • Dan Child Certified Mirror Red #’ed/499
  • Trevor Williams Certified Mirror Blue #’ed/299


  • Bryson Brigman #153
  • Trea Turner #146
  • Nico Hoerner #178
  • Nick Anderson #169
  • Bailey Falter #176
  • Isaak Gutierrez #177

Overall:  photo 3flags.jpg

Overall, I give 2013 Panini USA Baseball Champions an average 3 American flags out of 5 (1=poor & 5=perfect).  Its refreshing to see a Panini baseball product that actually contains logos and seeing Mark McGwire back in a product brought back a lot of memories from that 1998 season.  Those darn white boxes just keeping popping up in Panini products.

 photo 13pusabb_zps3872b0d8.jpg

Card of the Day: Mark McGwire 2013 Panini USA Baseball Champions Stars & Stripes Auto

 photo mmusaauto_zps34f54e59.jpg

Card of the Day: Stephen Strasburg 2012 Panini Prizm USA Baseball

 photo usastras_zps8622d4fb.jpg

Card of the Day: Scottie Pippen 2009-10 Basketball Hall of Fame Dream Team USA Auto


Card of the Day: Jackie Bradley Jr 2010 Topps Team USA Auto