Never Heard Of Them, But I Like The Design

I have to be honest with you.  I’ve never heard of The World Football Authentics Uncirculated Vault, but I do enjoy the design of their cards.  They have a similar design to those cards you see with pennies in them.  For all I know this company could also make those.  What I like most about these is how well you can identify the piece of jersey.  There are so many card designs out on the market that make if difficult to just see the relic because the manufacturer over does the design of the card.  Just take a look at this thing.  The plain colored background along with the black and white image really makes the red relic standout.  I bet even a piece of white jersey would standout on this type of layout.  Since I’m not familiar with the company, I can’t say too much about their COA for the relic.  From what I have found, there has only been one seller with these up for sale.  Some of these have sold for as much as $35.00 and seem to be a hit with soccer fans.


Interesting 1-of-1 Technique

The Topps Vault sells a lot of interesting items that you might not find anywhere else.  One of the items they have been selling for sometime are File Copy cards that come encased in a BVG holder, and labled a 1-of-1.  After reading the description on one of these cards, it sounds like Topps is calling these cards 1-of-1 just because it was their copy of the card.  I thought it was labled a 1-of-1 because maybe it had a blank back, like a proof, or perhaps Topps put a special foil logo on the card, but thats not the case at all.  Other than the holder they’re in, they are just like the regular cards you could pull from a pack.  If thats the way they think of 1-of-1’s, than all my cards could be considered 1-of-1’s because they are my copies 🙂 


Topps Vault File Copy


Basic 1975 Topps Jim Palmer

Cool Collectible

The Topps Vault has been selling tons of memorabilia that Topps has stored at their company for decades.  These items can range from proofs to entire uncut sheets of cards.  One type of item in particular that really caught my eye a few years ago was their signed contracts.  For years Topps has stored extension contracts signed by the players and representitives of Topps giving them permission to make cards of certain players.  A few years ago I spotted one of these contracts of a Phillie, Tom Underwood.  I purchased it for my personal collection and have it hanging in my room.  Not only does it have Tom Underwood’s signature, but it also has Sy Berger’s signature as well.  Berger is one of the most influencial people within the card industry.  He created the 1952 Topps set.  The Topps Vault always has a few contracts up for sale, which all come with COA’s from Topps.  I think they are some of the coolest collectibles any collector could have.