Virtual Trading Cards Integrated Into NBA Baller Beats


Looks like I predicted the future once again.  About three years ago, I wrote a blog post on how I think sports cards should be integrated within video games.  Last year, Panini had Marshall Faulk sign some cards for insertion in copies of Madden 2012.  Its happening again, but this time on a bigger scale.

This fall, Majesco Entertainment Company plans to release NBA Baller Beats exclusively for Kinect on Xbox 360.  This game gets the player off the couch and lets them train along side their favorite NBA teams using a real Spalding NBA licensed game ball replica basketball that comes with the game.  In the game you get to try out your ball skills while listening to an exciting soundtrack.  The better you do, the more songs, levels, posters, and trading cards will be unlocked.  That’s right.  I said trading cards – virtual ones at least.  Panini has come to a production integration agreement that will allow players to unlock virtual trading cards based on their 2012-13 NBA Hoops product.  They will be used as in-game rewards.

I think this is a really big step into reaching potential collectors.  Video games are huge, and you have to go where the fans are.  People complain today and say the hobby isn’t doing well.  I believe the hobby is doing fine.  No, its not what it use to be, but that’s because many people lost focus and didn’t want to change.  You must integrate your business to where the customers are, not waiting for them where they use to be.  Topps is doing well with this too releasing a few mobile apps.

NBA Baller Beats will have a demo setup this year at E3 which takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center June 5-7.  I bet this will be a hot toy come this Christmas season.

The Turkey Bullet

(I think this guy played for the Phillies once)

I thought I would check out Topp’s newest creation called Topps Town.  Using codes that can be found in packs of 2008 Topps Series 2 baseball cards you will be able to gain access to this site.  If you are a new user they supply you with a free code when signing up.  Your username and password are never shared with anyone else on the site.  You get to make a random name using their generator.  Mine came out to be “The Turkey Bullet”.  You can customize your avatar, trade virtual cards, and create your own clubhouse.  The more codes that you enter the more cards you can get.  Topps has created some cool games that you can play.  After playing these games you get points that can be used to buy more items for your avatar or clubhouse.  I think what Topps has done is pretty cool.  You can spend a lot of time creating your avatar.  Inserting the special cards with codes into packs of 2008 Topps Series 2 baseball cards should make it easy for kids to get.  It is one of the lowest priced products that Topps makes.