Flashback Product of the Week: 1972 Donruss Vote For Bubble Gum Stickers


The act of voting is probably the most boring concept to build a product around, but Donruss actually pulled it off with 1972 Vote For Bubble Gum Stickers.  This 33-sticker set features an American flag like image on each sticker encouraging you to vote.  Some stickers tell you to vote for specific things such as peace or peanut butter.  Boxes contain 23 packs and can be picked up for $200.00 today.  This is one of those vintage products that if your lucky enough to purchase a box sealed, you leave it that way.  The individual stickers outside of the packs are barely worth a nickel.

The Upper Deck Awards!

Upper Deck is really embracing social media and the blogosphere by holding the first Upper Deck Awards.  Its your turn to nominate your favorite blog, forum,  product, collector, etc….

The winner of “Best Blog” will receive a trophy, variety of unopened product, and a 2009 NFL Rookie Photo Shoot signed football.  I think this shows how powerful blogging has become and its a great idea.  Be sure to vote for Sports Card Info!!!  You can submit your nomination on Upper Deck’s Facebook Fan Page.  Nominations are this week and voting starts next week.

Do not submit your nomination/vote via Twitter.  The @upperdeckawards Twitter account was a fake.


This would look nice sitting on my shelf 🙂

Jimmy Rollins for President!

Heck, I’d vote for him 🙂

Don’t Forget to Vote!

Later tonight Beckett’s Olympic article contest ends and the article with the most “thumbs up” wins the contest and gets their article published in the next Beckett Sports Card Monthly.  Don’t forget to vote for my article.  If you are a registered member of Beckett.com just click the “green up thumb” next to my article.  Thanks.

Bloggers and the Hall of Fame

Do you think bloggers will ever get to vote for players to be elected to any of the Hall of Fames?  Ever since the beginning of the Baseball Hall of Fame, Football Hall of Fame, or any of the others out there, only experienced writers for large companies would be able to vote.  I think its about time that bloggers get a chance to vote as well.  We can write just as well, if not better, than some of the other more established people in the business.  Some sports bloggers out there have devoted more time to a sport than others.  Many writers have to cover more than one sport.  If someone focused in on one sport they could learn a lot more.  I guess time will only tell.