Card of the Day: Gordie Walker 1989-90 ProCards AHL #22

Card of the Day: Larry Walker 1993 Topps Black Gold #22

Card of the Day: Foots Walker 1979-80 Topps #42

Card of the Day: Herschel Walker 1985 Topps USFL #86

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Card of the Day: Herschel Walker 1990 Pro Set #197

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Card of the Day: Taijuan Walker 2014 Topps Chrome RC Black Refractor Auto

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Card of the Day: Larry Walker 1990 Upper Deck Rookie #466


USFL Relics?

The United States Football League (USFL) only played three seasons, 1983-1985, but during that time it produced a few of the best players to ever step onto the gridiron: Steve Young, Jim Kelly, Reggie White, and Herschel Walker.  What surprises me is that in an age of collecting where its possible to pull an authentic DNA relic of George Washington, there are no relic cards containing elements of the USFL.  I would think for those die-hard Young, Kelly, White, and Walker fans those cards would be a big hit.  There has to be some game-used relics from that long lost organization.


Philadelphia Sports Card and Memorabilia Show Results


3 – boxes of 2008 Leaf Certified Materials

1 – pack of 2008 Bowman Sterling football

2 – packs of 2008 Razor Cut Signature Edition

Jim Langer 1973 Topps RC

Jim Thorpe 2005 Playoff Absolute Jersey #’ed/250

Doak Walker / Walter Payton 2007 LCM Fabric of the Game Dual Jersey #’ed/100

I arrived at the Greater Reading Expo Center at exactly 9:00 a.m.  The big news that all the dealers were talking about was that the show was sold to Hunt Auctions.  Many of the dealers I talked to were not happy at all.  Not only are the dealers angry because they are moving the show to a new location, but they also hear rumors that it will cost them $500.00 per table to setup and they will no longer be able to reserve their usual spot on the show floor.  Now its going to be on a first come first serve basis.  A lot of the dealers I talked to said they may not even setup at the next show in March.  

Other than the fact many dealers were bummed about the new show’s owner, I thought it was a great day.  When I first got there I headed over the the supply table because I needed top loaders and penny sleeves really bad.  About five minutes later I visited one of my local card shop owners and picked up a 2007 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game Dual Jersey of Walter Payton and Doak Walker #’ed/100.  I eventually traveled over to a dealer from New York and picked up a Jim Thorpe 2005 Playoff Absolute BASEBALL jersey #’ed/250.  Around lunch time while eating one of Reading’s finest cheeseburgers I ripped open a box of 2008 Leaf Certified Materials which contained a bunch of inserts and memorabilia cards such as a Matt Ryan Fabric of the Game jersey, Fred Biletnikoff jersey and a Jeremy Shockey Mirror Emerald insert #’ed 5/5.  Throughout the day I opened a few more boxes of 2008 LCM and pulled a bunch of nice looking cards.  I knew it was going to be a good day when the first card I pulled was Brett Favre wearing a Jets shirt.

If there is one player that I hope does well this year in the NFL it would be Matt Forte.  I pulled three really nice cards of him: (1) 2008 LCM Jumbo jersey #’ed/599, (1) 2008 LCM Fabric of the Game 2 color patch #’ed/25, and (1) 2008 Bowman Sterling RC Auto #’ed/1050.  I purchased most of my boxes from the dealer near the back from Tennessee.  I got some really good deals from him.  It was his stand where I purchased two packs of 2008 Razor Cut Signature Edition.  That was the first time I saw any of these cards in person.  In the first pack I received a Yogi Berra Cut Signature numbered to 10 or less made and in the second pack I received a Faith Hill Cut Signature numbered to 10 or less made.  I really like these Razor Cut Signature cards.  Most of them are numbered to 10 or less which I think it pretty cool.  

Strolling past a small dealer I found a bunch of vintage cards in which I picked up a Jim Langer 1973 Topps RC for my Dolphins collection.  All day I was looking for an affordable 1886-87 Old Judge card.  I have been wanting to pick one up for awhile because they are some of the first mass produced baseball cards.  I came across one dealer that had a bunch of vintage cards that included some Old Judge.  I saw one for $110.00 and the dealer said he would sell it to me for $90.00.  It was in an SGC Authentic holder and I was about to buy it when he told me that it could possibly be trimmed.  As soon as I heard that, I knew I wasn’t going to purchase it.  So, the search continues for an Old Judge card for my collection.  

I got Tom Herr to sign my bat around 1:00 p.m. and after about another hour of browsing I decided I was finished for the day.  These shows really remind you of what the hobby is all about.  People swapping stories, showing off their collections, and being able to find cards for your personal collection.  Attending a show like this really takes you into the “belly of the beast” and can help you understand whats going on in the hobby.  I thought it was a great show, and I hope to see most of the dealers at the next show in March.


I did see Chris Harris from Stale Gum, but he was walking up the steps to go in as I was leaving the parking lot 🙂

Card of the Day #62

Doak Walker 2008 Donruss Classics Timeless Tributes #’ed/50