I Told You It Was Coming

Sports Card Info is the Magic 8-Ball of the card industry.  On May 18th I wrote a piece called Is 2020 Bowman Sapphire Edition Baseball On The Way? after some Lency Delgado 2020 Bowman Chrome Atomic Orange Refractor Autographs popped-up on Instagram.  Well… it looks like my prediction has come true.

Available next week as an online-exclusive, 2020 Bowman Sapphire Edition Baseball will contain (1) prospect autograph per box.  Expect them to go fast.  I can already hear people complaining that they weren’t able to get a box, the secondary market prices are too expensive, only certain people were able to buy them, etc…  GET OVER IT!

Topps Continues To Educate Collectors

For those collectors busting boxes of 2011 Topps Series 2, I highly suggest you take the time to read through the 7-card insert set called “Before There Was Topps”.  This set commemorates some of the most popular vintage card sets to collect before Topps started printing cards.  This is especially good, and I commend Topps for taking the time to educate collectors (specifically new ones).  The set includes the following:

  • American Tobacco 1909: T206
  • American Tobacco 1911: T205
  • American Tobacco 1911: T201
  • Exhibit Supply Company, 1921
  • Goudey, 1933
  • Gum Inc. 1939, “Play Ball”
  • Bowman, 1948-1955
Topps also did a great job in 2011 Series 1 with their 10-card insert set titled “History of Topps”.  I know collectors busting boxes like this aren’t looking for big “hits”, but in today’s hobby people don’t always look at the base cards.  These cards are worth taking a look at even though they aren’t worth a ton.  I love cards that educate collectors on card history.


What was your first box break?

Do you remember your first box that you ever opened?  Mine was a box of 1998 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice baseball cards.  Up until that point I hand only opened single packs, but I received a sealed box as a gift and couldn’t wait to open it.  I completed the entire All-Star insert set and pulled a Cal Ripken, Jr Frontiers insert card.  At that time I went by “book value” and couldn’t believe that the Ripken was worth $40.00 which was the value of the whole All-Star set.  After the whole box break was over, there was one card that stood out to me.  It was a bobblehead card of Scott Rolen.  Have you ever seen these?  If you pop out the pieces you can create your own bobblehead.  I kept my Rolen together and still have it to this day.  I don’t think these bobblehead cards were inserted ever again, but they make for an interesting conversation piece.