Sports Card Info Is Getting An Upgrade


Sports Card Info will be getting an upgrade very soon.  Last night I placed an order for a brand new webcam so I can share pack/box breaks with everyone.  This is the first time I have ever used a webcam so its going to be exciting.  Be sure to keep reading Sports Card Info so you can view its first video.


On a side note, The Cardboard Connection has launched its new online social networking platform for collectors.  Sports Card Info is one of the main contributors to the website and you can view its profile here.  If you feel like signing up, click on the crazy looking logo on the right sidebar to fill out the form.  Over the last few months I have seen The Cardboard Connection grow quite a bit into an awesome place for collectors to gather.  Be sure to check it out, Mike Smith has put a lot of time, effort, and money into it.

Should Sports Card Info Get A Webcam?

This morning I had to go to Best Buy to exchange a T.V., and while I was there I looked around at their webcams.  Would you like to see box/pack/maildays on video right here on Sports Card Info?  I know a lot of other blogs do the same, and a lot of the time its more entertaining to watch rather than read.  What do you think?