Flashback Product of the Week: 1966 Fleer Weird-ohs Baseball


Halloween is only a few weeks away, so I thought it would be fun to explore some ghoulish sets from the past.  This week its going to be 1966 Fleer Weird-ohs Baseball.

Fleer produced the first Weird-ohs set a year earlier in 1965.  It was based off of the toy models made by the Hawk Model Company.  In 1966 Fleer did a spin-off 66-card set based solely on baseball Weird-ohs, where as the ’65 set had multi-sport settings and a wide array of other themes.  On the front you’ll see a colorful image of some strange looking creatures done by artist Bill Campbell.  Underneath the picture is a caption that usually rhymes.  The reverse gives a descriptive back story to the character on the front.  These are entertaining to read as they often describe some type of comical violent scenario.  Lets just say if they played in the majors, they’d hold the record for most hit batsmen.

Weird-ohs are right up there with oddball sets such as Odd Rods.  They have model kits, action figures, and trading cards.  Back in 2007/2008 Weird-ohs were reissued, but nothing new was included.  Its basically a reprinted set from the ’60’s.

Looking back at all these old wax packs really makes you appreciate the artwork not only on the cards, but on the packs as well.  Its something today’s hobby lacks.  I’m not saying cards don’t come in fancy packaging, because they clearly do.  Tins, wooden boxes, and bags are seen everywhere today, but I don’t think anything can compare to the artwork on the cover of a small wax pack.  Modern packs remind me of Pop-Tart packages.  All silver with very little design to them.