2010 Element Mystery Box-Toppers

2010 Element will be released on January 17th, and Press Pass has unveiled a few new surprises that might be hiding in your box.  Each box will contain the usual (1) autograph and (1) relic, but this time every box will contain a Mystery box-topper pack.  Inside these box-toppers you’ll be able to find randomly inserted Undiscovered Elements autographs.  This will be the first autographs for some of the drivers featured on these cards.  You can also look for blue parallels of these drivers #’ed/35 and are hobby exclusive.  The Mystery box-toppers could also contain $20 and $100 bills.

I’m really excited about this year’s Element.  The design looks great, and Press Pass keeps coming up with innovative ways to keep the collectors attention (even if it means including cash inside the packs).  Going after new drivers that haven’t had a certified autograph yet is always a good thing too.

Here are some of the autographs that you can pull from the Mystery box-toppers.  Each Undiscovered Element driver will have 125 blue ink autos, 25 red ink autos, plus various inscriptions.




New 2010 Element Images

Press Pass started up their knew website today dedicated to their 2010 Wheels Element product that is due out in January.  A majority of the cards will be printed on recycled cardboard and you can look for (1) autograph and (1) relic card per box on average.  They also plan to insert $20.00 and $100.00 bills into random boxes.  These updated images look really nice.




The Winner Is…………………………….

Congrats to NASCAR Fan for winning this week’s Press Pass contest.  Please send me your mailing address so I can get your cards mailed out ASAP.  Be sure to check back for more contests in the future.


2009 Wheels Main Event Box Break/Review

Out of all the boxes Press Pass has sent me, I think ’09 Wheels Main Event was the most entertaining product to open.  While leading up to the release date, Press Pass displayed images of some of the relics they obtained to cut up and insert into Main Event.  I always like it when companies show you stuff like that.  Alright, check out what I pulled and what I thought of the box.

Design: Photobucket

Each card in this 90-card base set has some type of poker theme to it.  Many of the cards feature good photography, but it seems like Press Pass got a little excited with some of the graphics.  A lot of the base cards seem a little busy to me.  The least busiest cards in the set would have to be the “Rounders” which you’ll receive the most of.  As far as inserts go, I think the “High Roller” cards look the best.  Each has a refractor like finish.

Price: Photobucket

Each hobby box costs around $87.00.  The average collector will receive (3) hits, but having the chance to pull (4) makes this product even more attractive.  Getting 3-4 hits for $87.00 isn’t that bad at all.

Hit Quality: Photobucket

I’m glad to see that Press Pass decided to include an average of (3) hits with this product.  In the past, most of their products only contained 1-2 hits per box.  ’09 Main Event promises at least (3), but I was able to pull a bonus Poker Pro autograph that they have randomly inserted.  My Poker Pro autograph is a redemption, so it will be fun to see how long it takes to receive the actual card.  I pulled the following hits:

  • Michael McDowell Blue Ink Auto #’ed 4/10
  • Phil Ivey Poker Pro Auto Redemption
  • Kyle Busch Triple Hat Relic #’ed/99
  • Juan Pablo Montoya Pit Sign Relic #’ed/120

Overall: Photobucket

Overall I give 2009 Wheels Main Event 3.5 tires out of 5 (1=poor & 5=perfect).  The design on most of the cards seems to be quite busy which in my opinion takes away from the photography.  I am happy that they included at least (3) hits with this product versus the standard (1) or (2).  I like the wide range of relics that you can pull too.  Getting all this for $87.00 is a pretty good value when you compare it to some of the other products on the market.

’09 Wheels Main Event Is LIVE

Even though its not due out for another few days, Press Pass sent over a box of their new 2009 Wheels Main Event for me to break and review.  I’ll probably bust it on Friday and hold a contest this weekend for some of the stuff inside.  Each hobby box contains (1) autograph and (2) relics.  The entire set has a poker theme to it.  Looks like fun.  I would like to thank Press Pass again for supporting the card blogosphere.


2009 Wheels Main Event Sneak Peak

Below you’ll find new images of Press Pass’s newest product ’09 Wheels Main Event which is due out at the end of the month.  Each hobby box will include (2) NASCAR relics and at least (1) autograph.  Some hobby boxes will include autographs from professional poker players, and if you’re really lucky you’ll find race-used spark plug relics too.

The autographs in Wheels Main Event features a poker theme and has four different levels – club, diamond, heart and spade.  You can also find autographed printing plates as well.

You have to give Press Pass a lot of credit.  They continue to find new types relics to insert into cards.


2009 Press Pass Element Racing Review

2009 Press Pass Element Racing has to be one of the most educational card releases in history.  Not only does it educate the collector about the sport of NASCAR, but also the science.  Did you know that some cars are fitted with a radiator intake that channels cooler outside air through the radiator flues to keep the water temperature at an acceptable level?  If not, these are the types of things you will learn when busting a product like this.  

Every hobby box contains 24 packs, with 5 cards per pack.  Each box should have at least one autograph and one relic.  Now, lets break this box down and see what Sports Card Info thinks.


5 Tires = Perfect

1 Tire = Poor

Design: Photobucket

This is the first trading card set that I have seen which brings a lot of science to the hobby.  Almost every base card in the set looks like an element on the periodic table.  I have never seen this design used before.  The rookie cards are very easy to locate because the word “rookie” is stamped right on the front.  That may sound like a very common sense thing to do, but in today’s hobby some manufacturers still make finding the rookie cards difficult.  2009 Element Racing contains a ton of inserts and parallels that will keep collectors hunting for years.  The Combustion set looks very nice, but since it has black borders that makes them easy targets for being chipped and could hurt if a collector wants to get them graded.  My favorite insert design within this product would have to be the Kinetic Energy cards.  They all have a refractor like finish that gives the card a special glow.

Price:  Photobucket

A hobby box of 2009 Elements Racing can range in price from $70.00 to $85.00.   If collectors are looking for that huge hit that will pay for the box, I don’t think the odds are going to be with you.  This product is made for set collectors, and it seems to be within the price range for that type of product.  Even though my box contained three hits that almost would pay for a full hobby box, there will be those boxes that may just have two basic hits and might pay for half.

Hit Quality:  Photobucket

On the outside of the box it states that you should receive one autograph and one memorabilia card per box.  My box contained three hits which makes me think that there could be other boxes out there with better than average hits.  The box I received contained:


Jimmie Johnson Race Used Tire #’ed/48


Greg Biffle Blue Ink Autograph


Jeff Gordon Race Used White Flag #’ed/75

Since ’09 Elements is a set builders product, the hits you are most likely going pull aren’t going to pay for the box.  Some collectors may like that and others may not.  I think my box contained some really nice hits.  I would be careful when placing a Race Used Tire card in a penny sleeve.  When I did it, I found that the window around the tire was slightly raised higher than the average relic placed into a card which resulted in the sleeve catching the card.  I don’t think that tire relics should be placed on a dark background.  I almost didn’t recognize it when I opened the pack.  The same goes for white flag cards.

Overall: Photobucket  

Overall, I give 2009 Element Racing 4 out of 5 possible tires.  It was very fun to open and the set design is unique.  The box I received contained three hits instead of the normal two.  Set builders will love going after all the parallels and inserts.  Even if your not that big of a racing fan, I would suggest stepping out of your “element” and giving a box of this stuff a try.