Q&A – Where Does This Barry Bonds Card Come From?

Question: Where does this Barry Bonds card come from? The design looks like 1997 Topps Baseball, but the photo and card number are different. Please help!

Answer: Cool find. Throughout the 90’s Topps would issue Pre-Production cards promoting that year’s newest card designs. Your Barry Bonds card is one of those cards. Topps issued them to promote the 1997 Topps Baseball design. Various outlets that Topps dealt with received them.

Nine cards (#PP1-#PP9) make up the 1997 Topps Baseball Pre-Production set.

  • Frank Thomas #PP1
  • Brady Anderson #PP2
  • Barry Bonds #PP3
  • Eric Young #PP4
  • Ricky Bottalico #PP5
  • Royce Clayton #PP6
  • Tom Goodwin #PP7
  • Craig Biggio #PP8
  • Ellis Burks #PP9

Each card in the Pre-Production set utilizes the same photo that went on to be used in the main base set EXCEPT for Barry Bonds. The Barry Bonds Pre-Production card and base set card have two different images making it a bit more desirable.

Where Will You Be Shopping Black Friday? $10.00 Discount From Atlanta Sports Cards


The holiday shopping season is upon us.  It seems to start sooner each year.  Black Friday is a great time for collectors to get some deals and exclusive promos.  If you plan to do some online shopping for that special collector this year, one place you need to check out is Atlanta Sports Cards.  Why?  Because if you spend $150.00 or more you can get $10.00 off your purchase when using the official Sports Card Info coupon code at checkout.  Simply enter SportsCardInfoCoup in the promo code box while checking out.  Its as easy as that.  Also be on the lookout for their 2012 Leaf Holiday Bonus Packs.  Each pack includes (1) card which is either an autograph, a quality memorabilia card or printing plate.

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Where Are The Super Bowl Commercial Cards?

With more and more pop culture figures showing up in products, there is one subject area that surprisingly hasn’t been touched very much.  I’m talking about individuals that have been at the center of those popular Super Bowl commercials.  I’m surprised that no manufacturer has taken advantage of this yet.  With all the people, places, and things put on trading cards today it would make perfect sense for someone to go through with it.

Just off the top of my head I could see autographs of guys like Fred Thomas, Paul Williams, Terry Williams, and Scott Martin Brooks of the “Wassup?” commercials.

Apple’s 1984 ad is always on people’s list of top Super Bowl commercials.  The woman throwing the sledge hammer is Anya Major and the guy playing “Big Brother” is David Graham.  Both are actors from England.

The #1 Super Bowl commercial for years has been the classic Coke commercial featuring “Mean” Joe Greene and child actor Tommy Okon.  I could definitely see a dual autograph made here.

Super Bowl commercials are a huge deal.  People who don’t even watch football end up watching the Super Bowl just so they can see the commercials.  This year it costs $3.5 million for a 30-second commercial spot.  Cards like this would make interesting inserts for products such as Allen & Ginter, American Pie, or even Americana.  The list goes on and on of who you could include.  Would they be gimmicky?  Absolutely 🙂  They sure would bring back memories and that’s what cards should do.  Lets see if anyone takes my advice like they did when I suggested pin cards.


Cup Chase Confusion

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions from collectors wondering how to redeem their “Cup Chase” redemption codes.    These cards have been a standard in Press Pass’s flagship racing product for years.  If the driver on the front of the card makes the Chase, you’ll receive a special set of cards of drivers that make the 2011 Chase.  If that driver wins the Chase, you’ll win a special memorabilia card featuring that driver.

I can see how redeeming these codes could be a little confusing.  Your not redeeming it for an actual card, instead it’s like a contest entry.  All you need to do is create a free account at PressPass.com and then enter the code on the back of the card into their redemptions section.  Once you do this, you’ll be entered in.  Hope your driver wins!!!


Important Info For Those 2010 National VIPs

For those 2010 National VIPs that did not receive the following e-mail, here is some helpful information that will tell you where to go and what to do when coming to Baltimore.

First things first – you will need to make sure you have your printed e-ticket with you to pick up your VIP credentials at the show. The National begins for VIPs with the Beckett Media VIP Reception at 2:30 PM on Wednesday, 8/4.  We will begin distributing VIP credentials at Noon on Wednesday. Enter the Convention Center using the Charles Street Lobby. Look for the Kiosks which say VIPS WITH E-TICKETS. At that kiosk, your ticket will be scanned and you will receive your VIP (or SUPERVIP) badge, your VIP Gift Bag, your Autograph Tickets plus an information packet which has all you need to know for the week. If you purchased the ALL ACCESS option for your VIP Package, you will also receive an additonal envelope with those instructions. If you come in on Wednesday afternoon before 3:30, you will be directed to the VIP Reception which will be held on the 3rd floor at the Center in Rooms 307-310. Your VIP badge is required for entry. There will be refreshments and Mike Boddicker & Lydell Mitchell will be signing free autographs for VIPs from 3-4PM.  At 3:30 PM, VIPs will be permitted on the Show Floor to enjoy the 31st National until 8PM.

If you are unable to pick up your VIP credentials on Wednesday, the procedure is still the same. Have your ticket scanned at the VIPS with E-TICKETS Kiosk and receive your credentials, gifts and autograph tickets. VIP Credential distribution will open Thursday-Saturday at 8:30 AM each day. VIPs will have access to the show each morning Thursday-Sunday at 9:30 AM. Signs will direct you to the VIP entrance from which you can enter the Show each day.

We know you’re going to have a great time at the National

Where Are The Football Sketch Cards?

I guess the same could be said for basketball, hockey, and racing too.  Sketch cards are some of the best inserts a collector can pull.  Each individual piece of artwork is different in their own way.  One thing I’ve noticed is that the sketch card market is dominated by baseball and other entertainment products.  I’m surprised that Topps never had sketch cards made for other sports.  I’d like to see Panini, Upper Deck or Press Pass pick up the ball and run with this popular idea.

TK Legacy doesn’t get a lot of cover within The Hobby.  You’ll probably be hearing less since they can’t use college logos because Upper Deck acquired an exclusive license.  With TK Legacy only making team specific products, its difficult not being able to use logos.  They did include football sketches of popular college players of the past.  Judging by some of the sales, collectors really enjoy them.  Perhaps this is a hint to whoever plans to make football cards this year, licensed or unlicensed.

I know I’d like to see more sketch cards of football players.  It sure wouldn’t hurt to have a few sketches of Marino or some players from the Dolphins Perfect Season team.  Right now I have one sketch card in my collection.  Its a Ryan Howard 1/1 sketch I won from Wax Heaven last summer.