Baseball’s Forgotten Rom Com – The Slugger’s Wife

Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of Darryl Palmer.  He’s one of the most famous Atlanta Braves players of all time.  Palmer is right up there with the likes of Chipper Jones, Warren Spahn, and Greg Maddux.  Collectors stand in line for hours to get his autograph.

If you seriously have no clue who Darryl Palmer is, that’s alright.  He doesn’t actually exist.  Actor Michael O’Keefe (Danny Noonan from Caddyshack) portrayed the fictitious baseball player in the 1985 film The Slugger’s Wife.  The movie is a romantic comedy about a baseball player who falls in love with a singer (Rebecca De Mornay).  It was a box office flop, and has been long forgotten.  When you’re sitting around with your friends talking about your favorite baseball-themed movies, The Slugger’s Wife rarely comes up.

To go along with the movie, Topps printed-up a prop/promo card of the film’s main character – Darryl Palmer.  It was made using the classic 1984 Topps Baseball design, but isn’t part of the main set.  This card stands alone.  On the card’s back is a made up story about the character.

The Slugger’s Wife may have bombed, but this card sure didn’t.  You rarely see it popup.  Collectors have been known to spend crazy amounts for it.  Way more than what any standard 1984 Topps Baseball card is worth.  That’s including the Don Mattingly rookie card.  I highly doubt we’ll be seeing The Slugger’s Wife cards make their Archives debut anytime soon.

Card Show Advice

Reason #2,682 why you should take your girlfriend/wife to a card show.

The Lengths Some People Go To Make A Sale

I have seen a lot of funny things up for sale on eBay, but this auction beats them all.  This guy claims that he has a ton of valuable baseball cards for sale, in which you purchase for ONLY $1.00 and there are 5 cards per lot.  The title of the auction really gets your attention, “ALIMONY SALE >Ex Girlfriend/Wife sport card collection”.  When reading his description it gets even more interesting.  He says that there will be a Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps rookie card placed within one of the lots.  Thats funny, because Mantle’s rookie is from 1951 Bowman.  For a guy that claims to have owned a sports card store for 30+ years, I think he would know that.   The main auction image that appears in the search results displays a Mickey Mantle rookie card, but you can easily see the copyright date indicating that it’s  a reprint.  I highly doubt that he even has a Mickey Mantle card within that collection.   He says that this is the best way to sell his cards fast to payoff his wife.  I think he is trying to unload a bunch of common base cards he doesn’t want anymore.  He’s giving false hope to people.  Most likely if you purchase a lot, all you will receive is a handful of base cards not even worth a dollar.  Its not uncommon to see auctions like this popup, but this one really caught my eye.  Maybe this guy is telling the truth.  Perhaps sports cards are the reason couples breakup.  If so, its happening a lot.