2022 Wild Card Auto Mania Football – 1-Pack Break

I visited my local card shop over the weekend – Sports Zone Toys & Comics.

(1) pack of 2022 Wild Card Auto Mania Football, and a 2022 Bowman Chrome University Football blaster box caught my eye.

A hobby box of 2022 Wild Card Auto Mania Football comes with (8) packs per box, with an autograph in each pack. Hobby boxes sell for about $169. The retail version comes with (4) autographs and a $79 price.

Waiting for me inside my pack was an autograph of Tyler Allgeier.

Allgeier went to BYU, and currently is a running back for the Atlanta Falcons.

Wild Card does not have an NFL license. That means no team names and/or logos. Wild Card calls it “Pro-Look”.

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Flashback Product of the Week: 1993 Wild Card Superchrome Football


Wild Card was one of those flash in the pan manufacturers that came around during the early 90’s.  They lasted a few years and then faded away.  Despite their short existence, some of their rare cards such as those popular Stripe inserts can still command insane prices on the secondary market.

1993 Wild Card Superchrome Football is basically a parallel of the regular ’93 Wild Card set, just like a lot of chrome products are today.    The main difference between the two is that the Superchrome cards have a metal finish to them.  This is one of the earliest uses of the word “chrome” in the hobby.  Boxes of this stuff can be found for $20.00 today.

Flashback Product of the Week: 1991 Wild Card Football


Wow!  Anyone remember these cards?  In 1991 Wild Card introduced their premier football card product.  Each box contained 36 packs with 15 cards per pack.  I think Wild Card was ahead of their time, because they had multi-tiered parallels of cards broken down into 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 1,000 Stripe inserts.  This all took place about two years before the first refractors were introduced to the hobby.  The key card from this set would be the Brett Favre RC.  The 1,000 Stripe version of the Favre rookie can sell for over $1,000.00.     

Card of the Day: Brett Favre 1991 Wild Card 1000 Stripe Gold RC

This has to be one of the most valuable cards of the early 90’s.  The 1,000 stripe version was only available through a redemption.