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U.S. Caramel’s Rare 1932 President William McKinley Card

U.S. Presidents are no strangers when it comes to cards. Entire sets dedicated to those who have held the highest office in the land have been made for decades. Some of these cards can be found today very easily, while others are next to impossible.

On this Presidents’ Day I’d like to talk about the 1932 U.S. Caramel Presidents set, specifically the William McKinley card.

A total of (31) cards make up the 1932 U.S. Caramel Presidents set. Each card features a U.S. President. (1) card came packaged with a caramel candy. Upon completing the set, you could redeem your cards for a 1-pound box of chocolate.

Purposely printed in fewer quantities, only a handful of William McKinley’s cards are known to exist. U.S. Caramel did this so they wouldn’t be handing out free chocolate to everyone. Plus they knew people would hunt for the McKinley card therefore selling more candy.

Why the canceled stamp and hole punch? U.S. Caramel would do this to those sets people sent in to deter them from using the same cards again and again in order to obtain free chocolate. If you wanted another box of chocolate, you would need to put the set together again.

Tactics like this were very common at the time. The Charles (Lindy) Lindstrom card from U.S. Caramel’s Famous Athletes set was printed in very few quantities as well.

If you think its cruel to purposely print fewer copies of a card to intentionally make a promotion difficult, that’s nothing. At least U.S. Caramel included those cards. Goudey completely left out Napoleon Lajoie #106 from their 1933 set in order to sell more gum. They had customers looking for a card that didn’t exist until later on.

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Card of the Day: William McKinley 1932 U.S. Caramel Presidents

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Collectors Love Hoy

One of my favorite retro sets of 2009 has to be TRISTAR Obak.  It has such a great selection of players, especially ones that don’t have a lot of cards floating around The Hobby.  For some reason one player in particular seems to be receiving a lot more attention than anyone else included in this set.  I’m talking about William “Dummy” Hoy.  Hoy was the first deaf player to make it to the pros, and is credited by many for helping to introduce hand signals we all see on the field today.  While standard base cards sell for a few dollars, his serial numbered inserts are on fire.  One of his mini inserts limited to 25 copies sold for over $50.00 and in the past his purple one-of-one went for over $100.00.  Who knew there were so many Hoy collectors out there?  Hoy first appeared on a few Old Judge tobacco cards from the 1880’s, but you rarely see those.  I’d love to see how collectors would react to a relic or cut signature of Hoy.