Who’s Going To Win The 2019 MLB World Series? – Introducing Topps Now Future Cards

Official Topps press release from the awesome Susan Lulgjuraj.

“The Topps Company, the exclusive trading card partner of Major League Baseball, is offering an innovative way to collect cards.  Topps is excited to announce TOPPS NOW Future cards for the 2019 Major League Baseball season, giving baseball fans a chance to win rare and valuable prizes that only Topps can offer.

Topps is combining a fantasy sports element with trading cards by giving fans a chance to win by getting the 2019 World Series champion Future card.

Starting Tuesday 3/26, TOPPS NOW Future packs, which contain three random cards, will be on sale for $12 each.  The cards will feature players from all 30 teams.  Scratch the back of the card to reveal a code and enter it on Topps.com.  If the team represented on the card wins the 2019 World Series, you win the prize indicated on the back of the card.

“This is an exciting way to follow your team all the way to the World Series,” said David Leiner, Topps Global General Manager of Sports & Entertainment.  “These exclusive cards can’t be found anywhere but on Topps.com.  TOPPS NOW continues to push the envelope with its innovations year-after-year.”

The limited-edition packs are only available while supplies last and the World Series packs won’t be offered again this season.  Prizes can range from special rare card sets to autographed trading cards from a player on the World Series winning team.  TOPPS NOW Future packs for other events are planned throughout the season.

Head to Topps.com to get these exclusive cards for a chance to win.  For a full list of rules, visit – Topps.com.

Sports Card Info’s thoughts

Just like the Home Run Challenge cards, I think this is a very cool idea.  Anytime you can win stuff based on a team/player’s performance makes watching the games even more exciting.  Once these TOPPS NOW Future cards are in the hands of collectors, you know that many will hit the secondary market.  As teams perform well and/or go into a slump, it will be fun to watch the prices fluctuate.  The prizes Topps plans to offer are going to be highly sought after.

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Win This Mickey Mantle Hand-Painted Autographed Baseball

If you have Twitter, this is a contest that you need to get in on.  Piece of the Game is giving away the Mickey Mantle ball from their Baseball Authenticated Masterpieces product.  Authenticated by JSA, this autographed baseball also features the artwork of renowned sports artist Monty Sheldon.  In order to be eligible for the contest, all you need to do is follow Piece of the Game on Twitter and retweet this tweet.  You can get (50) additional entries if you purchase a spot in a break of this product from any of the qualifying retailers too.  The contest ends 1/21/19.  Good luck!

Expected to be released near the end of March, Piece of the Game’s Baseball Authenticated Masterpieces features actual game-used baseballs, autographed, authenticated, and hand-painted by one of the greatest modern day sports artists Monty Sheldon.  It truly is a unique product that we haven’t seen before.

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Happ’s “Graceful” Record

This afternoon J.A. Happ won his 7th game of the year which brings his record to 7-0.  The last Phillies pitcher to go 7-0 was Mike Grace back in 1995.  Grace only lasted 5 years in the majors and hasn’t been seen much since 1999.  I actually met him in Harrisburg along with Scott Rolen back in the mid-90’s while attending a card show and still have the baseball he signed.  Right now, Happ’s cards are on fire and doing a quick eBay search will yield some interesting/expensive finds.  Searching for cards of Grace won’t provide much to look at.  Grace’s 1996 Leaf Signature autograph is probably his most valuable card.  So far Happ’s career is going great.  I really hope he doesn’t end up like Mike Grace.


Dolphins Win Again!

This is the best season the Dolphins have had in a long time 🙂

One More Win!

All the Phillies have to do is win one more game and then they head to the World Series.  So far my prediction of the Phillies and Rays is looking good.  Last night was such a good game.  One of the best things about the Phillies getting this far is that a lot of Phillies cards you don’t see very often start hitting the market, which is great for Phillies collectors because now you can snag them up.  I have been watching the Phillies for a long time, and this has to be the best season in awhile.

Phillies Take Game 1

Thanks to Chase Utley, Pat Burrell, and Shane Victorino the Phillies were able to come out ahead last night and beat the Dodgers 3-2.  Only three more wins and the Phillies head to the World Series!!!!

The Dolphins Win!!!

At least they won sooner than last year.  That has to be a good sign.