Long Time No See

Take a good look at this completed auction.  I never thought I would see this card again.  Many years ago I purchased this exact Ryan Howard 2003 Donruss Elite Status Die-Cut #’ed 55/57 on eBay for only $18.00.  This was well before he became such a huge star.  At the time I was really into grading and sent it in to BGS.  Just by dumb luck it came back a 9.5.  This is one card I wish I would have held onto.  This is the second time I’ve seen it surface.  The last time I watched it sell for almost $600.00 when Howard had his Rookie of the Year season.

Have you ever sold a card(s) you wished you hadn’t?  Which card(s) of yours did you sell and keep seeing pop-up online?


Relic Cards You Wished They Made

Currently there are 45,510 jersey, and 2,724 bat cards up for sale on eBay.  You would think that with those kind of numbers you wouldn’t have trouble finding a relic card of a player, but thats not true.  There are a lot of players, including many Hall of Famers, that still don’t have relic cards made of them.  Many of them don’t have relics made because you can’t find items they used, or the ones that people have found are either in a HOF or their family doesn’t wish to sell them.  Below is a list of people I would like to see relic cards of:  

  • Alexander Cartwright
  • Abner Doubleday
  • Cap Anson
  • Connie Mack
  • Walter Johnson
  • Bronko Nagurski
  • Sherry Magee
  • Billy Lothridge
  • James Del Gaizo
  • Jake Scott
  • Earl Morrall
  • Larry Seiple
  • Jim Kiick
  • Mercury Morris
  • Tim Foley
  • Lloyd Mumphord
  • Ed Jenkins
  • Terry Cole
  • Hubert Ginn
  • Charles Leigh
  • Dick Anderson
  • Mike Howell
  • Curtis Johnson
  • Henry Stuckey
  • Charles Babb
  • Larry Ball
  • Bob Matheson
  • Howard Kindig
  • Jesse Powell
  • Mike Kolen
  • Alfred Jenkins
  • Doug Swift
  • Jim Langer
  • Maulty Moore
  • Bob Kuechenberg
  • Bob Heinz
  • Norm Evans
  • Manny Fernandez
  • Doug Crusan
  • Jim Dunaway
  • Wayne Moore
  • Marv Fleming
  • Howard Twilley
  • Otto Stowe
  • Vern Den Herder
  • Bill Stanfill
  • Nick Buoniconti
  • Marlin Briscoe
  • Jim Mandich
  • Don Shula – Miami Dolphins used jacket, not a Colts jersey.
  • Ben Hogan
  • Lord Stanley

As you can see, many of the people on my list come from the Miami Dolphins ’72-’73 Perfect Season team.  A lot of people on the list have autographed cards, but no relics.  Who would you like a relic card made of?