I Bet Wooden Uniforms Would Hurt

Wow!  This is what you call a total screw up by the people at Topps.  Do you notice anything unusual?


When it comes to high-end products like Triple Threads, things like this shouldn’t happen.  The Hobby is filled with a ton of fake stuff already.  Do you have any idea how easy it would be for some scammer to take out that bat piece and insert their own manufactured patch?  Since the card says “Topps Certified Game-Worn Patch” most collectors would think its authentic.

I wonder what happened to the patch that should have gone in this card?

For more info, be sure to check out the thread started over on FCB.

Card of the Day: John Wooden 2009 Press Pass Fusion Auto


Interesting Mailday

Today when the UPS man knocked on the door, I thought he might be dropping off the next box from Press Pass, but that sure wasn’t the case.  When I looked to see where it was from it said “Cooperstown Bat Company”.  I scratched my head wondering what it could be because I don’t remember ordering anything from them recently.  Opening the box, I find that they sent me a small wooden bat holder that hangs on the wall.  I have no idea why they sent me this.  Has anyone else received anything like this from them?  Inside the box there was no invoice.  In the past, I have purchased four bats from them while visiting Cooperstown and I know they have my address.  Maybe its just a promotional giveaway.  I’m going to send them and e-mail to see if thats the case.