Upper Deck Teases 2014 National VIP Set

Upper Deck has been pretty quiet about their plans for the National Sports Collectors Convention this year.  They’ve promised more details to come out this week.  But in the mean time Upper Deck gave me a quick glimpse into their VIP set.

 photo twoods14nsccvip_zps35dab938.jpg

Card of the Day: Tiger Woods 2013 Upper Deck Masters Collection Masterpieces Auto

 photo twmaster13p_zps330de13a.jpg

Introducing The Upper Deck Tiger Woods Master Collection

For all you golf collectors that have more money than god, Upper Deck’s new Tiger Woods Master Collection might just be right up your alley.  This product is for the ultimate golf or Tiger Woods fan.  It has everything  -autographs, memorabilia, hand-painting art cards, and even full-sized memorabilia.  The only thing Upper Deck didn’t do was stuff Tiger Woods himself in the box.

Every Master Collection set contains the following:

  • Complete 80-card base set #’ed/200 – One card for every one of Tiger’s wins on Tour plus recognizing some of his collegiate accolades.
  • (3) Tiger Woods autographs – (1) autographed memorabilia item as a box topper.  Look for hand painted Tiger Woods Masterpieces cards #’ed/10.  Also look for Historic Duos pairing a Tiger Woods autograph with a cut signature of a historic great #’ed/2 or less.
  • (1) Slambalaya or Masterpieces signature card per box – (14) different Slambalaya cards for each of the major championships that Tiger has won.
  • (1) Tiger Woods Championship Gear card per box

I’ve always wanted to know what an extremely high-end golf product would look like, but I never thought we would see one.  Golf’s high-end products could probably be capped with UD SP Game-Used Edition, but the Tiger Woods Master Collection completely blows that out of the water.  This displays what Upper Deck truly does the best, which is make very nice high-end products.

Upper Deck is also making a similar product based on Michael Jordan.  Products like this only work with specific athletes.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Upper Deck is working on a Master Collection for Wayne Gretzky.

Man this is some nice looking stuff!

 photo tigerwoodsmastera_zps736a5e67.jpg

 photo tigerwoodsmaster1a_zpscd8bfdc6.jpg

 photo tigerwoodsmaster2a_zps315643b8.jpg

“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2001 Tiger Woods – What Famous Characters Might Say About Their McDonald’s Fries Promo Pin


What we have here is a promotional pin made by McDonald’s back in 2001.  It features the likeness of Tiger Woods (but it also looks like Obama) accompanied by the phrase “McDonald’s Fries And Me… “Masterful””.  This pin is part of a set called What Famous Characters Might Say About Their McDonald’s Fries.  Other pins in the set feature Captain Kirk, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Elvis, Mr. T, and James Bond.  Its filled with quite the collection of real and fictional characters.  None of them are that rare, and can easily be bought for $5.00.  I think this is definitely one of McDonald’s coolest promos.

Card of the Day: Tiger Woods 2002 UD SP Game Used Edition Front 9 Fabric Auto/Shirt


Card of the Day: Tiger Woods 2011 UD World of Sports SPx Shadow Box


Card of the Day: Tiger Woods 2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Auto


Card of the Day: Tiger Woods 1996 Sports Illustrated for Kids #536


Mighty Fine Tiger Woods Patches

Tiger Woods had a terrible 2010.  Hopefully this year things will pick back up for him.  Below are some of the best golf patch cards ever created.  I’ve truly never have seen anything quite like it before when it comes to golf cards.  Woods has just returned these autographs to Upper Deck.  Only 10 of them exist, and they come from 2009-2010 UD NHL The Cup Hockey.  You can read all about it over on the Upper Deck Blog.  This is one redemption worth waiting for.  I don’t think they need the word “Rookie” across the top, but who cares, these things are nuts!!!



Card of the Day: Ickey Woods 1989 Topps Super Rookie #27