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2020 Topps WWE Finest Wrestling Hobby Box Break & Review x 2!

Collector Type: Set/Autograph/Refractor Nuts

2020 Topps WWE Finest is every wrestling fan’s dream! It is the stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a gun! Woo! Woo! Woo!

If you enjoyed the refractor-filled goodness of 2020 Topps Chrome WWE, you should have a lot of fun with 2020 Topps WWE Finest. This is the first time the WWE has received the Finest treatment. Each master box comes with (2) mini-boxes. Inside each mini-box you’ll find (6) packs, (2) parallels, and (1) autograph. That’s a total of (12) packs, (4) parallels, and (2) autographs per master box.

The base set consists of (100) cards covering both the Men’s Division and Women’s Division for WWE and NXT stars. Parallels include – Refractor, X-Fractor (Blasters), Blue Refractor #’ed/150, Green Refractor #’ed/99, Orange Refractor #’ed/50, Black Refractor #’ed/25, Gold Refractor #’ed/10, Red Refractor #’ed/5, and SuperFractor #’ed 1/1.

Cards #101-#125 are part of the Extended Base set (Short Prints). People like The Big Show, Kane, John Cena, The Rock, Bret “Hit Man” Heart, Goldberg, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin have cards in here. Even Gronk got a card! Parallels of the SPs include Gold #’ed/10, Red #’ed/5, and SuperFractor #’ed 1/1.

Both Finest and Chrome are a refractor lovers paradise. The main difference between the two are how the photos are displayed. Chrome goes full bleed and leaves the background intact. Finest crops out the background and swaps in a shiny patterned backdrop.

Pulling a SuperFractor is always atop the mind’s of collectors. Its incredibly difficult to do, but exciting when it happens. The SuperFractors found in 2020 Topps WWE Finest are a bit toned-down. What I’m trying to say is that the pattern doesn’t overtake the card and become the main focus. Very nice looking!

Autographs include Finest Autographs, Decade’s Finest Debuts Autographs, Decade’s Finest Returns Autographs, Decade’s Finest Superstars Autographs, and Finest Tag Teams Autographs.

Inserts include Decade’s Finest Debuts, Decade’s Finest Returns, Decade’s Finest Superstars, Finest Careers Die-Cuts Steve Austin, and Finest Tag Teams.

I really like how the Finest Careers Die-Cuts Steve Austin cards came out. They’re in the shape of a skull.

Members of the Topps 582 Montgomery Club have been offered some interesting non-baseball products to purchase so far for the 2021 membership – Garbage Pail Kids Chrome Sapphire Edition, 2019/20 UEFA Champions League Chrome Sapphire Edition. I wouldn’t put it past Topps to see them come up with a WWE Chrome Sapphire Edition or something along that line. Just something to think about.


Here is what I pulled from (2) master boxes:


  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Sasha Banks
  • AJ Styles Decade’s Finest Debut
  • The Miz/John Morrison Finest Tag Teams


  • Rezar Green Refractor #’ed/99
  • Lacey Evans Blue Refractor #’ed/150
  • (2) Roman Reigns Refractor
  • (2) Cameron Grimes RC Refractor
  • (2) Damian Priest RC Refractor
  • (2) Akam Refractor


  • Zamboni Mayhem Finest Careers Die-Cuts Steve Austin
  • Booker T Finest Returns
  • Goldberg Finest Returns
  • The Rock Finest Returns
  • Samoa Joe Decade’s Finest Debut
  • AJ Styles Decade’s Finest Debut
  • Daniel Bryan Decade’s Finest Superstars
  • Kofi Kingston Decade’s Finest Superstars
  • Erik/Ivar Finest Tag Teams
  • Kyle O’Reilly/Bobby Fish Finest Tag Teams
  • Billie Kay/Peyton Royce Finest Tag Teams
  • The Miz/John Morrison Finest Tag Teams

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2019 Topps WWE Holiday Shopping Guide

WOO!!!  That’s exactly what you’re going to say upon finding out you’re getting a box of WWE cards from Topps this holiday season.  Whether you’re a set collector or high-dollar risk taker, Topps has a WWE product configured and priced for your liking.

Here are my top Topps WWE products that came out this year.  Runner-up products include 2019 Topps WWE Road to WrestleMania2019 Topps WWE Raw2019 Topps WWE NXT, and 2019 Topps WWE Smackdown.  Each of those cater towards set collectors, and come with (2) hits in every Hobby box.

Dave & Adam’s Card World, Blowout Cards, Steel City Collectibles, Chicagoland Sports Cards, and is where I’d shop.

2019 Topps WWE Money in the Bank

Wrestling fans I’m happy to announce that the Money in the Bank pay-per-view event has gotten it’s very own set.

The base set consists of 90-cards.  Parallels include Bronze (1 per pack), Green #’ed/99, Blue #’ed/50, Purple #’ed/25, Gold #’ed/10, Black #’ed/5, and Red #’ed 1/1.

A Hobby box consists of (12) packs split between two mini-boxes.  You should find (3) autographs, (1) additional autograph or relic, and (12) parallels.

Along with the Hobby box format, there is also a Retail configuration.  When browsing the card section at Walmart or Target, the Retail 2019 Topps Money in the Bank should stick out easily.  You’ll notice it comes in a tin shaped just like the Money in the Bank briefcase.  These tins have (4) packs.  Each tin has (4) parallels, and (1) autograph or relic.

I like the Money Cards.

Collector Type: High-end/Autograph/Relic

2019 Topps WWE Undisputed

The Undisputed brand has been a collector favorite since it arrived on the scene in 2015.  It’s 2019 incarnation sure has been a blast to watch collectors open.

Packaged inside each Hobby box are (10) packs.  Inside each pack you’ll find (1) autograph or relic.  Autographs continue to be the main focus as (8) out of your (10) hits will be an autograph.

Printed on thick card stock you have a 100-card set to piece together.  Names from Raw, Smackdown, NXT, 205 Live, and WWE Legends are all part of the base set.  Parallels include Orange #’ed/99, Green #’ed/50, Blue #’ed/25, Gold #’ed/10, Purple #’ed/5, Red #’ed 1/1, and Printing Plates #’ed 1/1.

Outside of the main base set and the hits, I really enjoy the look of the Rob Schamberger Portrait inserts.  This insert set contains (10) cards.

On-card autographs is what drives this high-end brand.  Wrestlers who don’t sign that much tend to show up in here which only draws in more fans.

Collector Type: Very High-end/Autograph/Relic

2019 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection

Its the most valuable wrestling product ever produced.  A single box/case can cost upwards of $13,000.  What do you get?

  • (50) Autographs
  • (1) One-of-One Autograph
  • (1) Kiss Card Autograph
  • (1) Cut Signature Card
  • (1) Sketch Card
  • (1) Autographed Replica Championship Belt

I should note that you’ll also receive (1) ticket to WrestleMania 35, and (1) WrestleMania 35 VIP Party Invitation.  Both of these events have already taken place.

On-card autographs are the huge focus here.  This is the first product ever to have Vince McMahon autographs.  Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his Topps autograph debut in here too.  Prior to Transcendent Collection, his only autograph came from 2001 Fleer WWE WrestleMania.  Each of the (50) autographs is numbered to (25) copies or less.  Parallels include Blue #’ed/15, Purple #’ed/10, Black #’ed/5, Gold #’ed 1/1, and Red #’ed 1/1.

Sketch Cards are done by artist Rob Schamberger.

Pairing a single card purchased on the secondary market with another Topps WWE box would make an excellent gift.

Collector Type: Mega-premium/Autograph/More money than you can count

2019 Topps WWE Women’s Division

What would the WWE be without it’s ladies?  2019 Topps WWE Women’s Division focuses strictly on the ladies of the WWE, and other WWE stars connected to their stories.

The base set consists of (100) cards.  There are (60) Roster cards from RAW, Smackdown Live, and NXT.  (40) 2018 Memorable Matches and Moments round out the rest of the set.  Parallels include Purple #’ed/99, Bronze #’ed/75, Orange #’ed/50, Blue #’ed/25, Gold #’ed/10, and Red #’ed 1/1.

A Hobby box comes with (24) packs.  Each one should have (1) autograph, and (1) additional autograph, relic, or commemorative relic.  Retail blasters come with (1) hit.

Collector Type: Set/Lady WWE fan

2019 Topps WWE SummerSlam

Its nice to see Topps producing more WWE products for these incredibly popular events.  Now SummerSlam has it’s own product.

(100) cards make up the base set.  (50) cards feature Superstars, while the remaining (50) cards highlight the matches leading up to SummerSlam 2019.  Parallels include Bronze (1:2 packs), Blue #’ed/99, Silver #’ed/25 (hobby only), Gold #’ed/10, Red #’ed 1/1, and Printing Plates #’ed 1/1.

A Hobby box comes with (24) packs.  Each one should have (1) autograph, and (1) additional autograph, relic, or manufactured relic.  Retail blasters come with (1) hit.

Collector Type: Set/SummerSlam fan