Card of the Day: 2009 Topps National Chicle – Greatest Thrills Super Bowl XLII #2

“Pin-Up” of the Week: New England Patriots Super Bowl XLII Champions Perfect Season “Phantom” Pin


This is what collectors refer to as a “phantom” pin.  According to this pin, the Patriots won Super Bowl XLII and had a perfect 19-0 season.  I think we all can agree this didn’t happen because the Patriots lost to the Giants.  Pin manufacturers make these things up ahead of time so they can strike while the iron is hot.  Somehow pins like this find their way out onto the secondary market, even though they were most likely suppose to be destroyed.  Collectors love stuff like this and these pins can command some insane prices.  The above pin has a Buy It Now price of $999.19.

I have a few “phantom” pins in my personal collection.  I have a Tampa Bay Rays 2008 World Champions pin and a 2009 Phillies World Champions pin.  Both of which I purchased from The Pin Man.