This Looks Fishy

This auction raises a million red flags.  This Yogi Berra 1952 Bowman baseball card looks to be graded and/or certified by PSA, but the seller states its graded a MINT 9.  Looking at the photo that card doesn’t look to be in MINT 9 condition, just look how round some of the corners are.  They also don’t show the actual grade or serial number.  In addition to that they are asking $10,000.00 having 0 feedback.  If you ever want to make a purchase like this always check the seller’s feedback, make sure you can see the grade, and check to make sure the grading serial number matches the card.  This auction has scam written all over it.

E-mail Back From Razor

If you remember, when I was at the Philadelphia Sports Card & Memorabilia Show in Reading, PA almost two weeks ago, I pulled a Yogi Berra 2008 Razor Cut Signature card.  Viewing the checklist I saw there was ten or less of them made.  Last night I sent an e-mail to Brian who works at Razor to see if he could tell me how many exactly were produced.  This morning I received a message back from him stating there were about five made.  Mine is the only one I have seen so far.


Card of the Day #104

Later today I will be writting up an entire post about the Philadelphia Sports Card and Memorabilia Show.  Here is a little preview of one of the cards I pulled.  Its a Yogi Berra 2008 Razor Cut Signature.  According to Razor, they made 10 or less of these.  Look back later for my full report on the show.

Card of the Day #98

Yogi Berra 1955 Topps $198

Q & A – How can I tell if this Yogi Berra 1948 Bowman #6 RC is real?

Question:  I have a Bowman 1948 Yogi Berra card #6. It does not say reprint, or RP. How can you tell the difference between a reprint and original??

Answer:  If the card is a reprint it probably would have a glossy finish to it.  Also, if the corners and edges are sharp and perfect it may be a reprint.  Reprinted card sometimes will have the copyright date written in small letters on the back, even under the reprinted copyright date.  If you want to send it in for certification I would use Beckett (BGS) and JSA.  They will let you know to be 100% sure.